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Domestic Violence and the Holidays – What You Need to Know

Domestic Violence and the Holidays

What family doesn’t have some conflict over the holidays? The combination of family gatherings, increased alcohol consumption, and financial stress can bring out heated emotions in anyone. Add the stress and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, and a storm could

Quarantine and Michigan’s Vulnerable Populations

Law gavel depiciting Michigan's Vulnerable Populations

With coronavirus cases still present in Michigan and the governor’s shelter in place order extended through mid-May, tensions are beginning to mount. Michigan’s vulnerable populations are at risk. Many people have lost work. In some areas, it’s difficult to find

Personal Protection Orders Violation in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Michigan PPO Violation attorney, David J. Kramer

In the state of Michigan, restraining orders are called Personal Protection Orders or PPO. If someone has been threatened, assaulted, or stalked, they can have a PPO issued for them to prevent contact with the aggressor.

Assault and Violent Crimes in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Assault and violent crimes attorney in Michigan

Have you or has a loved one been charged with a violent crime? Do you know which crimes are considered violent in the criminal justice system? If this is your first experience with our criminal justice system, you might not

Top Holiday Criminal Charges, Penalties, and Defense

We are about to enter into one of the most stressful, depressing and desperate times of year for many adults. I’m not talking about tax season. The trifecta of holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year – is known for

Domestic Violence Lies, Divorce Truths and What You Need To Know

Have you been charged with domestic violence? There are some men out there who are using the legal system to get the upper hand in their divorce proceedings.

Top Holiday Related Crimes to Watch Out For

The holiday season is full of all kinds of things for people: celebrations, cheer, warmth, and a lot of times debt, stress, and dread. Unfortunately, holidays aren’t always positive for everyone. This is a time of year when crime is

Michigan No Fault Divorce & Domestic Violence: What You Need to Know

By now, most people who have been through a divorce understand the divorce laws in our country. However, what you might now know is how the most prevalent type of divorce laws here – the “No Fault Divorce” – may

Legal Rights of Men: What You Need to Know

What are men’s legal rights? Documentary filmmaker, Cassie Jaye, has made a film called The Red Pill. It explores the troubling flip side of what the mainstream considers to be gender inequality.

Legal Consequences to Losing Control of Your Emotions

We have all had experiences where we have lost our temper. We feel strong emotions of anger, even rage and, hopefully, we are able to find ways to cool down or find another outlet to express our feelings. What happens,