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Theft and Property Crimes Lawyer in Michigan

Theft and property crimes attorney Michigan

The idea of being called a thief is understandably stressful for most people. No one wants to have to live the rest of their lives with that label. Whether you have a problem that has underlying causes, made a poor

Top Holiday Criminal Charges, Penalties, and Defense

We are about to enter into one of the most stressful, depressing and desperate times of year for many adults. I’m not talking about tax season. The trifecta of holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year – is known for

Online Trading Group Theft: What You Need To Know

We all know stealing is wrong. Most of us had that drilled into us as children even before we knew there were more complex moral problems in the world.

Common Holiday Crimes You Need to Avoid

While walking into our local mall recently, I could not help but notice a woman on her cell phone. For a full five minutes she did not look up once from her screen. Not only did she not look up,

How to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Are you aware of the increase in thief during the holiday season? Don’t let the grinches steal your holiday joy this year. In 2015, thieves entered into a Detroit home claiming to be the police. They stormed the house screaming

Identity Theft: What You Need to Know

In this age of online banking, electronic bill-pay and digital record keeping, the number of cases of criminal identity theft has risen dramatically since 2002. A thief out to capitalize on your hard-earned income and impeccable credit might have no

History of the Death Penalty in Michigan

Has a woman ever been executed in Michigan? Does Michigan still have the death penalty? Even with Michigan leading the way in abolishing the death penalty, there are still some blemishes on its record. That blemished record includes the execution

Man Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Stealing Quarters

What may have begun as a theft of nickels and dimes, in the end was the equivalent of a major bank heist,” U.S. Attorney William Hochul.” – The Federal Bureau of Investigation Today we are looking at a case in

Aggravated Burglary Charge – Bizarre Case of Mistaken Substance Identity?

Have you ever mistaken something for something else? We have all made mistakes, haven’t we? We have all heard of mistaken identity, too. Today, we are looking at a story about a Tennessee man who thought he was getting something