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Parental Rights Behind Bars in Michigan: What You Need To Know

Do incarcerated people automatically lose their parental rights? It may seem like a peripheral question to those who have never dealt with the criminal justice system. However, it’s a critical question when you are facing significant prison time. Do criminals

Wyatt’s Law and Child Abuse Central Registry

Have you heard of Michigan’s Wyatt’s Law? No one in their right mind thinks child abuse should continue. The sad reality is that child abuse does remain in this country, and laws exist to help the state get children out

Beyond Abuse: 5 Reasons CPS Can Remove Your Children

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Abuse and neglect cases have well-defined parameters. However, what about kids who get taken from non-abusive homes? Can the CPS remove your children for other reasons?

Child Abuse Pediatricians in Michigan – Parents Wrongfully Accused

Gavel and stethoscope

Have you ever heard the term “medical kidnapping?” If you want to tear your hair out in rage, read some of the stories you find online under that search term. Good parents, parents who would never dream of abusing or

Michigan’s Vaccination Debate and Medical Neglect – What You Need to Know

Did you know that Michigan has one of the highest rates of unvaccinated kids in the country? Whether you have chosen to vaccinate or not, it seems like this has become one of the most hotly contested debates in the

5 Crucial Rights to Protect if CPS Comes Knocking

Do you know what your rights are if Child Protective Services (CPS) comes to your door?

Termination of Parental Rights in Michigan: What You Need to Know

Is CPS involved in your family life? Are you afraid you are going to lose your children? Potentially losing your child or children is one of the most stressful and scariest situations anyone would have to face. Just the fear

Michigan Juvenile Court Defense Attorney: Top Strategies for the Best Outcome

Navigating the juvenile court system can be overwhelming and scary for parents and teenagers. We are here to help. The juvenile court system is set up differently from the adult system. One of the main differences is in how the

Abusive Head Trauma & Child Abuse: Charges, Penalties, and Defense

The term Abusive Head Trauma is not a legal term, but a medical term. It used to be called “Shaken Baby Syndrome.” Even though this isn’t a legal term, it is a term used in the broader medical and scientific

Domestic Violence Lies, Divorce Truths and What You Need To Know

Have you been charged with domestic violence? There are some men out there who are using the legal system to get the upper hand in their divorce proceedings.