Legal Rights of Men: What You Need to Know

Legal rights of men

What are men’s legal rights?

Documentary filmmaker, Cassie Jaye, has made a film called The Red Pill. It explores the troubling flip side of what the mainstream considers to be gender inequality.

Jaye began her documentary process as a feminist and ended up leaving that ideology behind. In the process, she talked to men and women from across the spectrum about men’s specific issues. These included paternity disputes and paternity fraud, sentencing disparity, genital mutilation (circumcision), and disparity in deaths across the board, to name a few.

One of the most interesting conversations Jaye has is with a woman and Men’s Rights Activist named Karen Straughan. She speaks on many of these issues via her YouTube channel.

Does Society Believe Men’s Lives are Less Valued than Women’s?

The example Straughan cites is the Boco Haram attacks on 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria, which happened in 2014. That year, after the militant Islamic group (whose name means “western education is forbidden”) captured the schoolgirls.

American media outlets and national figures spoke out against these acts as discouraging girls, in particular, from getting an education. Many public figures posted pictures of themselves holding signs with the hashtag #bringbackourgirls.

Men’s Rights Activists aren’t debating whether these terrorist actions were wrong. Rather Straughan pointed out to Jaye that Boco Haram is against any school-aged person getting a western education, not just girls.

In addition, in the several years preceding the attack on the girls, thousands of men and boys were killed outright for being in school or defending their villages.

The story only made American news headlines when girls were targeted. Even in that instance, the girls weren’t killed.

The underlying message, Men’s Rights activists want to point out, is that society believes men’s lives are less valued than women’s.

Claims Made by Men’s Rights Activists

Some of the claims made by Men’s Rights activists whom Jaye was able to substantiate were:

  • Of all combat deaths, 99.9% are male
  • Of all workplace related fatalities, 94% are male
  • 76% of all homicides are male
  • 75% of all suicides are male

In addition, Jaye found that men were “…just as likely to be victims of intimate partner physical violence.”

Men have little to no control over parental destiny, especially when he’s raising a child that he later finds out isn’t his.

The sentencing disparity between men and women is 6 times larger than the sentencing disparity between blacks and whites. While a black man may be sentenced to 10% more prison time for the same crime as a white man, a man is sentenced to over 60% more prison time than a woman arrested for the same crime.”

In this country, 1 in 4 men are victims of domestic violence, annually. This is in both heterosexual and same sex relationships.

For women, the number is slightly higher: 1 in 3. However, there are thousands of shelters for women across the country and only 1 for men.

Several men in this documentary attested to having been stabbed or beaten by girlfriends or wives and not having access to any help.

The Legal Rights of Men

For one thing, any person may take out a restraining order if they are a victim of domestic violence.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and you are a man, consider that alternative seriously.

If you are the victim of paternity fraud like Michigan native, Carnell Alexander, you can follow his example and fight for your rights in court.

Finally, if you find yourself unfairly charged with a domestic violence charge for violence that was actually done against you, it’s time to call an experienced criminal defense attorney.

If Ms. Jaye’s conclusions are correct, in some issues the deck may be stacked against you. You need excellent legal counsel to win your case.

Let’s start fighting for your legal rights!

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