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The Difference Between Aggravated Assault and Felonious Assault in Michigan

Gavel and handcuffs depicting The Difference Between Aggravated Assault and Felonious Assault

Assault is by far the most common violent crime reported in America. Aggravated assault accounts for over 60% of violent crimes reported to law enforcement, with robbery at a distant second at 29%. Rape and murder are miniscule by comparison;

Personal Protection Orders Violation in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Michigan PPO Violation attorney, David J. Kramer

In the state of Michigan, restraining orders are called Personal Protection Orders or PPO. If someone has been threatened, assaulted, or stalked, they can have a PPO issued for them to prevent contact with the aggressor.

Felonious Assault in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Michigan felonious assault attorney, David J. Kramer

Are you or is a loved one facing charges for felonious assault in Michigan?

Assault and Violent Crimes in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Assault and violent crimes attorney in Michigan

Have you or has a loved one been charged with a violent crime? Do you know which crimes are considered violent in the criminal justice system? If this is your first experience with our criminal justice system, you might not

Aggravated Assault: Charges, Penalties and Defense

According to a 2016 news article that ranked Michigan’s cities by rates of violent crime, Detroit was the most violent city, followed closely by Flint and Saginaw. No surprise there, except that Flint had dropped from the top 10 most

Medical Informed Consent: What You Need to Know

The lawsuits against Dr. Larry Nassar, the former Michigan State University sports medicine doctor, keep piling up. To date, there are at least 50 criminal complaints filed against him.

Legal Consequences to Losing Control of Your Emotions

We have all had experiences where we have lost our temper. We feel strong emotions of anger, even rage and, hopefully, we are able to find ways to cool down or find another outlet to express our feelings. What happens,

Assault and Battery Charges in Michigan

Fans at sporting events have been known to get a little rowdy, but when a 41-year-old father stormed the field, verbally and physically assaulted a 16-year-old referee in a Northville Township, Michigan soccer match, that takes it to a whole

Assault and Robbery: Two Sergeants Arrested in Detroit Area

Picture this, you are at a gas station filling your car up for gas. You stop in the gas station to pick up some gum. As you come out you see two police officers and you give them a polite

Black Friday and Top Injuries Experienced

Do you brave the crowds on Black Friday? Are you wondering what those brave Black Friday shoppers’ face? There are those who are brave enough to camp outside for hours and who wake up so early in the morning that