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Criminal Sexual Conduct

CSC Criminal Defense: Accused of Sexually Touching a Minor

CSC - Criminal sexual conduct defense attorney, David J. Kramer

Have you ever been accused of something that wasn’t true, but it ruined your life? Have you ever had to start your life over because your community believes you did something you didn’t do? Criminal sexual conduct or CSC accusations,

Uber and Crime: What You Need To Know

Uber on phone

Is taking an Uber safe?

Priest Sex Abuse Cases in Michigan

Gavel depicting priest sex abuse - CSC

It’s hard to miss the news of the priest sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.

Internet-Based Sex Crimes Police Investigations – What You Need to Know

Michigan internet-based sex crimes attorney David J. Kramer

More and more sex crimes are being reported in the state of Michigan. Many of these that are published in the news are internet-based sex crimes:

Michigan Sex Crime Lawyer – Key Defense Strategies

Michigan sex crimes attorney David J. Kramer

Little in life is more devastating than being accused of a sex crime. If you are facing sex crime allegations or charges, your main concern will be to beat those charges.

Are You Vulnerable to False Allegations of Sex Abuse?

False Allegations of Sex Abuse

Unfortunately, false allegations of sex abuse happen often. It is no stretch to say that we live in turbulent times. Allegations of abuse against authority figures are regularly in the news.

Online Predators and the Growing Risk to Our Youth

Social media, Snapchat, multiplayer games, dating apps, and adult chatrooms. What do these have in common? They are all online places where young teenagers can be exposed to adult online predators. The question is how common is this and what

Internet Sex Crimes and Child Pornography: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Have you or has anyone you love been charged with internet sex crimes involving child pornography? Did you know you can be charged with multiple sentences and end up with many years in prison just for having any child pornography

Criminal Sexual Assault Charges: Can DNA Evidence Harm You?

Criminal Sexual Assault is categorized in Michigan in four parts: First Degree through Fourth Degree. The laws in this state cover a vast amount of territory about what kind of touching is considered illegal if it’s not consensual. Some of

Rehabilitation For Sex Offenders: Do We Really Want It?

Do we really want rehabilitation for sex offenders? Let’s take a look at one of the most compelling accounts in season one of the In The Dark podcast by American Public Media. The story is that of Patty Wetterling, the