Top Holiday Related Crimes to Watch Out For

Top holiday related crimes

The holiday season is full of all kinds of things for people: celebrations, cheer, warmth, and a lot of times debt, stress, and dread.

Unfortunately, holidays aren’t always positive for everyone. This is a time of year when crime is on the rise. Actually, certain kinds of crime spikes are linked to different holidays. The Christmas season has its own.

Top Holiday Related Crimes

Theft and Burglary

People with experience in theft know that expensive items are often sitting out in people’s homes during this time: laptops, jewelry, cash, and electronics. All of these have a high resale value and are easily accessible if they are under your Christmas tree.

However, theft can also take the form of opportunity crime if you have packages sitting on your porch. It might just be too much for someone to resist taking.


I probably don’t need to remind you of the crowds at all shopping places at this time of year. You are most like already dreading it.

The crowds in all the stores do inspire shoplifters to try slipping things past unwary store employees. In addition, there is a high-stress level about getting gifts for loved ones. Those who feel desperate may consider shoplifting.

Identity Theft

More people are shopping online more than ever before. Therefore, people are whipping out their credit cards at stores and online more readily. There’s a spike in identity theft for this reason. Additionally, identity thieves know the increased traffic makes it easier to nab a credit card number.

Drunk Driving

What do you get when you mix stress with parties and lots of available booze?

Drunk driving.

Maybe you had more than you thought you did at that Christmas party, or maybe this time of year really gets to you. There seems to be so much to do and very little fun to be had.

It’s actually very common that people drink more than they should. Perhaps you didn’t realize you are endangering anyone on the road until you are.

Here is the deal: the number of drunk driving incidents rises during the holidays every year. The law is cracking down. There are harsher penalties and more arrests.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence during the holiday season is the saddest reality. The most wonderful time of the year often is anything but for a lot of families and couples.

Stress levels are higher, people drink more, and drug use tends to rise at this time too. Family problems move front and center when you are trying to be together and have a nice time.

And it never fails. Police departments get more calls related to domestic violence at this time of year.


Whether it is because of more stress or more alcohol or simply more parties and therefore more opportunities, reports of rape and sexual assault rise during the holiday season as well.


Crimes of all kinds rise during the holiday season. If you are facing charges related to any of these crimes, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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