Family Law Cases

Field v. Field

This was a matter in Las Vegas wherein Plaintiff/Mother’s custody and visitation rights were stripped due to alleged lack of acknowledgment of her family members committing criminal sexual conduct against her daughter. Attorney David Kramer, with the help of PHD Terence Campbell, was able to get the mother’s custodial rights reinstated and Attorney David Kramer and Dr. Campbell were able to prove that the sexual allegations were false.

Ahmed v. Ahmed

Attorney David Kramer represented Dr. Mohammad Ahmed, Chief of State of Desert Springs Hospital (at the time). Dr. Ahmed was the doctor for Benny Binnion and Wayne Newton. Attorney David Kramer successfully represented Dr. Ahmed to a very worthy resolution of his divorce.

Swanner v. Swanner

Attorney David Kramer represented father Robert Swanner. This is also known as the Baby “Jake” case. Defendant was able to obtain custody for Defendant Father in spite of the Oakland County Circuit Court ruling otherwise. This matter was successfully won at the Court of Appeals.

Allen v. Allen

Attorney David Kramer successfully represented his Client in an international Custody case and Divorce matter which had Hague Convention implications. Mr. Kramer also won a $43,000+ judgment for attorney fees against the opposing party and his four lawyers, jointly and severally.

Holder v. Troher

Attorney David Kramer took this case after his client had had her custodial and parenting time rights terminated. After two court hearings, DJK’s client’s parenting time rights and custodial rights were reinstated.

Jarrett v Jarrett

Attorney David Kramer successfully defended his client whose ex- spouse was trying to change the domicile of the children to another state. The Friend of the Court and Family Mediation Services both recommended that the move be granted, however DJK had the Court rule against the move and the children were ordered to be kept in Michigan.

Kirby v. Vance

Attorney David Kramer successfully obtained custody for his client who was the father of a newborn.

Fleming v. Fleming

Attorney David J Kramer took this case over from another lawyer and was able to get his client awarded twice the amount of assets that the previous attorney had indicated he could obtain for the client. This was an Oakland County Circuit Court case.

Burns v. Burns

The Client fired his attorney and hired attorney David J. Kramer to represent him. Kramer was able to get the Client a property settlement almost triple than the one the Client’s previous attorney had negotiated.



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