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Domestic Violence Lies, Divorce Truths and What You Need To Know

Have you been charged with domestic violence? There are some men out there who are using the legal system to get the upper hand in their divorce proceedings.

Michigan No Fault Divorce & Domestic Violence: What You Need to Know

By now, most people who have been through a divorce understand the divorce laws in our country. However, what you might now know is how the most prevalent type of divorce laws here – the “No Fault Divorce” – may

Michigan Divorce Attorney: When Children are Involved

When you are facing a divorce in Michigan, it can be a complicated and emotional process. There are a lot of questions, concerns, and pain involved on both sides. When there are children involved, it can make the process that

Divorce in Michigan – Basics to Help You Get Started

Are there other options to divorce in Michigan? What is required to file for a divorce in Michigan? Sometimes the first few steps are the hardest. Knowing where and how to take those steps will help. The goal of this

All You Need To Know About Divorce in Michigan

Are you considering a getting a divorce? You may have heard the old saying, knowledge is power. Over the last two months, I have been sharing different aspects about divorce in Michigan to help our readers become more knowledgeable. This

Divorce in Michigan – Finalizing the Divorce

Are you wondering how the divorce process will end? Have you considered filing for a divorce and want to prepare yourself for what is ahead? Over the past month, I have been sharing about divorce in Michigan. Divorce is seldom

4 Divorce Terms You Need to Know When Considering a Divorce

Are you considering a divorce? Are you wondering what you need to know if you do get a divorce? Today, we are continuing our series on divorce in Michigan. It is rare that a divorce is easy and having a

Divorce in Michigan: All About Child Support

Are you wondering if you’ll have to pay child support? How much child support will you be required to pay? On this Friday after a wonderful Thanksgiving, we are exploring a less than wonderful topic. Over the past month I

Divorce in Michigan: How Parenting Time is Determined

Are you and your child’s other parent trying to decide how much parenting time each of you should get? Do you think that your child’s other parent may need supervised visits with your child? For the past few weeks now,

Divorce in Michigan – ‘Best Interest of the Child’ Factors – Part 2

Are you currently going through a divorce in Michigan and wonder who will get custody of your children? Today, we are looking into the last 7 factors that will help decide who will win custody of minor children in a