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What Happens After Your DUI: Plea Bargain, Investigation & Assessment

Car on road depicting What Happens After Your DUI

Most people who get charged with drunk driving never go to jail, but the fear is real. In Michigan, a DUI is called “Operating While Intoxicated” or “Operating While Visually Impaired.”

Michigan Ignition Interlock Devices: Everything You Want to Know

Driver using ignition interlock device

  Have you been convicted of a DUI crime in Michigan? Are you ready to get your life back now that you’ve paid your penalties and you are committed to never drinking again? You are probably prepared to apply to

Michigan Driver’s License Restrictions After a DUI

Hand on steering wheel depicting license restrictions in Michigan after a DUI.

Have you been arrested for a DUI charge in Michigan? One of the first questions people often have is whether they will lose their driver’s license. And if so, what the license restrictions are. On top of the embarrassment and

How to Get Your Driver’s License Back With or Without Alcoholics Anonymous

Car keys and gavel depicting how to get your driver's license back

Are you or is someone you love trying to win back a driver’s license? Did you know you can get back your Michigan driver’s license after a 2nd or 3rd DUI without attending Alcoholics Anonymous?

Drunk Driving Charge in Michigan – Aggressive DUI Defense Lawyer

Aggressive Drunk driving attorney, David J. Kramer

Have you or has someone you love been arrested for drunk driving in Michigan?

Critical Warning for Commercial Driver’s License Drivers About DUIs

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Do you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)? Do you rely on your CDL for your line of work? Many people in Michigan hold a commercial driver’s license and use this exclusive license for their job. Without a CDL, there

5 Strategies for Defending a DUI Charge

Hope for DUI charge in Michigan

Are you or is a loved one facing a DUI charge in Michigan? When a person is charged with DUI or drunk driving, he or she may feel hopeless and believe there is no possibility of acquittal. However, there are

Frequently Asked Questions About Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving - DUI attorney David J. Kramer

During the holidays, police departments across the nation tend to increase patrols on the roads to ensure safe travels for all citizens. As a result, more and more people find themselves facing charges or just having questions related to drinking

The Truth About Field Sobriety Tests – Stopped for a DUI

Do you have to take a field sobriety test if you are stopped for a suspected DUI in Michigan? What should you do? In a previous post, I covered what you should do if you get pulled over for a

What to Do If You Get Stopped for a DUI: Getting Pulled Over

Do you know what to do if you get pulled over for a DUI in Michigan? One of the most common reasons ordinary people become involved with the criminal justice system is for drinking and driving. In Michigan, there are