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Parental Kidnapping: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Law gavel and parental kidnapping defense lawyer, David J. Kramer
Law gavel and parental kidnapping defense lawyer, David J. Kramer

Kidnapping is one of the worst fears for a parent. Most parents understandably try not to think about it.

However, for parents in contentious or abusive marriages or relationships, kidnapping is a fear that not many people on the outside will understand.

That’s because most kidnapping incidents are perpetrated by a parent, while stranger kidnapping is one of the rarest types of crimes in the world.

We have seen a rise in overall kidnappings since divorce is more prevalent, while the rate of stranger kidnappings has remained at the same, low level.

What is Parental Kidnapping?

Narcissism and Criminal Behavior – What You Need To Know

Gavel depicting narcissism and criminal behavior
Gavel depicting narcissism and criminal behavior

Narcissism is one of those pop-psychology words you hear thrown around a lot lately.

The term “narcissist” can be used about a sexually abusive father as well as a coworker who takes too many selfies.

So, what is narcissism, and what does this term mean for the world of criminal law?

Emerging Police Technology: New Ways to Fight Crime

Police technology - drone
Police technology - drone

We use technology every day. Some of us are excited to get the newest devices from Amazon or Apple each year or every few months.

Now you can speak your order into a machine and have something show up at your door. What could be more convenient?

First-Degree Premeditated Murder Charges & Penalties

First-degree premeditated murder
Police cars depicting First-degree premeditated murder

Juvenile Crime: Stabbing Survivor Speaks Up – Slender Man Influenced Case

Michigan juvenile crime attorney David J. Kramer

Michigan juvenile crime attorney David J. Kramer

It was a juvenile crime that rocked the nation.

Two twelve-year-old girls planned to kill their friend for months. Then, they would lure her to the woods and stab her 19 times before leaving her to die.

Fraud Against Senior Citizens: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel and American flag depicting fraud against senior citizens

If you are an adult in the United States today, chances are good you’ve received at least one phone call from a scam artist.

Usually, we know enough to distinguish fraud, but not always. What if you were less confident in your technological abilities? What if you were vulnerable because you were going through intense mourning after the death of your spouse?

I’m talking about senior citizens, and how often they are the targets of scam artists.

Illegal Online Pharmacies in Michigan: Crimes, Penalties & Defense

Computer and gavel depiciting illegal online pharmacies
Computer and gavel depicting illegal online pharmacies

Have you ever purchased prescription medications from online pharmacies or been marketed-to by an online pharmacy?

With more Americans taking prescription medications and the opioid crisis in full swing, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is taking action against online pharmacies.

Infant Co-Sleeping Death and Second-Degree Child Abuse: What You Need To Know

Gavel depicting tragic infant co-sleeping deaths and the law

Have you ever co-slept with your infant without meaning to?

What if you had also had a few too many drinks the night before?

This heartbreaking situation could happen to so many new mothers. Many of us have had a few too many drinks at night. Sometimes mothers end up co-sleeping or bedsharing with their children or infants even if they don’t plan it that way.

What You Need To Know To Appeal Your Conviction: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Gavel depicting What You Need To Know To Appeal Your Conviction

Have you or has someone you love received a guilty verdict in your criminal case? Are you wondering if you can appeal your conviction?

So much emphasis is put on the part of the criminal case that comes before the verdict, it’s important to remember that’s not the end.

Federal Search Warrants: What You Need To Know

Federal search warrants
Amercian flag, gavel, and bible depicting federal search warrants

How do you know you are under investigation for a federal offense?

One way you would know for sure is if federal agents show up at your door or office with a search warrant.

At that point, you have no choice but to comply with the warrant and allow the officers to search your property.

This can be downright frightening. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that if federal agents are there with a search warrant, they are looking for evidence.