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Federal Bribery Charges: What You Need To Know

American flag and gavel depicting federal bribery charges

What is federal bribery? This particular crime is outlined in federal statute 18 U.S.C. § 666, although there’s nothing uncanny about it.

Federal program bribery is also called program fraud or theft. It is a serious crime that carries serious charges.

Capital Federal Charges: What You Need To Know

American flag and gavel depicting capital federal charges

Michigan was the first state to abolish capital punishment. Actually, it was the first English-speaking territory in the world that did so. That was because it happened in 1847.

Yet in 2002, Marvin Gabrion was sentenced to death for a crime he committed in Michigan.

How could this be?

Top Federal Crimes that Result in the Death Penalty

American flag depicting top federal crimes

Did you know that there are two crimes in this country that can earn you the death penalty, even if you don’t kill anyone?

All of the other serious federal crimes for which the death penalty is one possible sentence involve either murder or the wrongful death of someone else. However, these two, at the top of the list below, are the exception.

Can you guess what they are?

Federal Crimes vs. State Crimes – Differences You Need to Know

Gavel and American flag depicting Federal Crimes vs. State Crimes

How do you know which crimes are state crimes and which are federal crimes?

Sometimes television shows have federal law enforcement bodies, such as the FBI, investigating the same types of crimes as police departments. Since we tend to know less about how these agencies operate, it can be confusing.

Michigan ATV Laws: What You Need To Know

ATV Driver depicting Michigan ATV laws

Spring and summer in Michigan mean all kinds of outdoor sports – especially those involving vehicles.

When it comes to ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles) or ORV’s (Off Road Vehicles), it is important to know what Michigan ATV laws are. If you are planning on riding your favorite four-wheeler, make sure you know what the laws are.

Can You Represent Yourself in a Criminal Trial: What You Need To Know

Gavel and scale depicting Can You Represent Yourself in a Criminal Trial

A criminal trial is an overwhelming and scary situation, especially for those who have never encountered the criminal justice system before.

Most people, when charged with a criminal offense, find a way to finance the services of a criminal defense attorney or obtain a court-appointed defense attorney in order to navigate it.

Pedophiles Who Want Help: Hope You Need To Know About

Hope - depicting hope for pedophiles who want help

The sexual exploitation of children is terrifying. On the other side of the story are the pedophiles that are driving this industry.

Specifically, who they are and how many are out there. In addition, what hope there is for men who have sexual urges toward children and who either don’t want to offend or who don’t want to offend again.

International Efforts to Stop Child Pornography and Trafficking

Gavel depicting child pornography

Child pornography and sex trafficking.

Something none of us like to think about happening anywhere in the world, much less in our towns and cities.

The Dubious Art of Criminal Profiling

Magnifying glass and fingerprint depicting criminal profiling

For several decades now, we have been seeing crime TV shows depict a scene where detectives “read” a murder scene. They make predictions about how old the killer is, where he lives, what he likes, and how he thinks.

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Eyewitness Misidentification: The Scary Truth

Gavel and books depicting Eyewitness Misidentification

Can you imagine being on death row for a crime you did not commit? What if the reason why you were there was eyewitness misidentification?