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Kickbacks: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Detroit Kickbacks Attorney David J. Kramer Law Firm, PLLC
Kickbacks attorney David J. Kramer

Are you or a loved one being investigated for kickbacks?

Intellectual Property Theft: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel depicting Intellectual property theft

Intellectual property theft

Have you or has a loved one been charged with intellectual property theft?

The concept of intellectual property theft might not be the first crime that comes to your mind when you think of theft. However, with the rise of digital technology, intellectual property theft has become a growing issue. The cases for intellectual property theft are complex.

Insurance Fraud: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel on book - Insurance fraud attorney David J. Kramer
Gavel on book - Insurance fraud attorney David J. Kramer

Are you or is a loved one being investigated for insurance fraud in Michigan?

In Michigan, if you have made a substantial insurance claim related to an automobile accident, you may be subject to private investigation by your insurance company.

Insider Trading: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel, scales of justice and insider trading criminal attorney David J. Kramer

In the 1987 movie Wall Street, the character Gordon Gekko famously says “greed…is good.”

If you’ve seen this movie you know it’s one of the most famous fictional stories of insider trading.

Insider trading is one of the most vigorously investigated crimes by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, you don’t have to be like Gordon Gekko to commit it. You could be found guilty of insider trading without even trying.

Government Fraud: Charges, Penalties, & Defense

Law gavel and American flag depicting government fraud

Have you or has someone you know been charged with government fraud?

Mortgage Fraud: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel and house keys depicting mortgage fraud

Are you or is a loved one facing charges or under investigation for mortgage fraud?

Financial Institution Fraud: Charges, Penalties & Defense

American flag and gavel depicting financial institution fraud

More and more people these days can identify with the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize there are several big charges to your credit card you didn’t make. That is when you discover you have been the victim of identity theft.

The proliferation of technology and the need for passwords, plus the ingenuity of internet hackers have made for an explosion of financial institution fraud.

When your money is stolen in these ways, it’s not just you who suffers. The bank, and ultimately the federal government suffer as a result.

Financial institution fraud, or bank fraud, is a broad term that applies to many different types of crimes.

Environmental Law Violations: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel depicting environmental law violations

There is a reason some crimes are classified as white collar crimes.

It’s because most of these crimes, although they are on the books as crimes, are perpetrated by big companies. They come about as a result of decisions made by top company executives who don’t take part in the actual crimes.

Environmental crimes are no exception.

Economic Espionage and Trade Secret Theft: Charges, Penalties & Defense

American flag and gavel depicting economic espionage

If you follow U.S. news at all, you know that we have been engaged for months in a trade war with China.

Not only are United States courts successfully prosecuting Chinese companies over the theft of microchips developed in Idaho. In addition, it appears that Tesla and Apple are going after former employees who have gone to work for Chinese companies, taking some of their documents with them.

Federal Embezzlement: Charges, Penalties, & Defense

American flag depicting federal embezzlement

Are you or is someone you love facing federal embezzlement charges?

Embezzlement is a unique kind of theft. Not only is it stealing, but it’s also stealing with the added twist of violating a special trust.