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65 Year Ban on Switchblades Lifted In Michigan: Effects on Charges

65 Year Ban on Switchblades Lifted In Michigan

When you think about Michigan’s changing switchblade law, do you picture some scene from West Side Story or a Michael Jackson music video, complete with dance fighting?

The law that banned switchblades in Michigan was made in 1952. This was when the American public was concerned with the safety of allowing these weapons to be in the hands of “street thugs” or gang members. This was no doubt fueled by movie depictions of switchblades, among other things.
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Habitual Offender Status in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Habitual Offender Status in Michigan

In the 90s we heard a lot about the 3 strikes law and how it was sending so many people to life in prison without chance of parole. The 3 strikes law in California was just one of the more famous habitual offender laws in the country.

The truth is most states do still have habitual offender laws, even though California has changed its 3 strikes law.
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Role of a Judge in a Jury Trial: What You Need To Know

Role of a Judge in a Jury Trial

By now, most people are familiar with some aspects of criminal court cases and legal jargon from watching legal procedural television shows. But there are still some aspects of real court cases that get confusing if T.V. is your primary source of information.
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Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses: Charges, Penalties & Consequences

Misdemeanor traffic offenses

Many of us are familiar with getting pulled over for speeding, running a red light or having a busted tail light. These driving violations are called infractions. They may or may not result in a ticket, based on your previous infractions or the judgment of the officer who caught it.

What you might not know is that some traffic offenses become misdemeanors – which are crimes – if they are more serious.
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Top 10 Common Crimes in the United States

Top 10 Common Crimes in the United States

Sometimes people do things without thinking. Of course, there are some types of crimes people know are wrong. Yes, they may feel justified in committing the crime, but they know they will probably be charged with a crime if they do them.

The most common crimes in America are not violent crimes. Read more ›

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Parenting and the Law: Free Range Parents Vs. Helicopter – What Is Legal?

Parenting and the Law: Free Range Parents Vs. Helicopter - What Is Legal?

I was recently told this story about a mom of young kids, who was concerned she could be charged with child neglect or abuse for parenting decisions she believed she was making for the health and well-being of her kids.
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Expert Witnesses: What You Need To Know

Expert Witnesses

The world has become a much more complicated place in the modern age, especially with regard to technology and areas of expertise. The days when a jury of your peers would have sufficient knowledge of all facets of your case are gone.
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Exclusionary Rule: What You Need To Know

Exclusionary Rule

If you’ve ever been a fan of legal procedural shows like Law & Order, you will be familiar with the ramifications of the exclusionary rule.
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Admissible Evidence: What You Need To Know

Admissible evidence
Admissible evidence is a legal term used in a court of law. It is evidence that is provided to a judge or jury.

In any criminal trial, officials, for example police officers, will collect evidence as they build their case.

Of course, this is the goal of the criminal justice system. However, police officers have to build a case. They will begin building a case against you if they see evidence to suggest they should. This is what they are trained to do.

What is Admissible Evidence?

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Sexually Assaulted Teen Rescued After Unexpected Arrival of Abductor’s Wife

Sexually Assaulted Teen Rescued

Imagine coming home early one day, chatting with your husband in the kitchen when police barge in and find a 13-year-old girl in your upstairs closet. Then finding out your husband has sexually assaulted and imprisoned her.

It sounds pretty unimaginable. It’s was one Kalamazoo, Michigan woman’s reality in May.
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