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David J. Kramer Named in Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Detroit

David J. Kramer Named in Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Detroit

Are you in need of expert legal counsel for criminal defense in Detroit? Do you know how to find the best lawyer for your case?

Welcome to Expertise, where David J. Kramer has a spot in a small pool of Detroit’s best criminal defense lawyers. Time and again, David Kramer has won awards for his expertise in legal matters, his service to the citizens of Detroit, his excellent reputation, and the consistent results he has achieved.

Why You Should Hire a Defense Lawyer Before You Are Arrested

Law gavel depicting Detroit defense lawyer

Are you under investigation by law enforcement in Michigan? Do you have reason to believe that you, or someone you love, may be under investigation for a crime?

If so, now is the time to contact a criminal defense lawyer. It’s best not to wait until you are arrested or to sit around hoping you never will be arrested.

False Accusations – What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused

Scale of Justice depicting false accusations

If you are being investigated for a crime you did not commit, you should take immediate action to protect yourself.

Michigan’s Self-Defense Laws: Who Is An Intruder?

Gavel depicting Michigan's self-defense laws

The world watched footage from Jeffrey Zeigler’s home surveillance camera that spotlighted Michigan’s self-defense laws.

The video shows the incident from April 2018. Brennan Walker – a 14-year-old from Rochester Hills, Michigan – knocked at Zeigler’s door. Then he ran away as Zeigler shot at him with a shotgun. It’s the same footage jury members watched in court at Jeffrey Zeigler’s trial.

Embezzlement by False Pretenses: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel depicting false pretenses charges

Have you or has anyone you know been charged with embezzlement by false pretenses in Michigan?

As an example of what false pretenses is, let’s take a look at the Candace Streng case. She was formerly a nanny in Brighton, Michigan.

Supporting a nanny with stage four breast cancer seems like a legitimate campaign.

Prison Alternatives in Michigan Law

State of Michigan flag depicting Prison Alternatives in Michigan law

If you have been charged with a crime in Michigan, you are probably most concerned about the potential that you will spend time in prison.

It’s an understandable fear. That why my legal services are helpful during sentencing. I will work hard for you with the court to bring about a sentencing option that gives you hope. I will fight aggressively to allow you to have your life back as soon as possible.

Hope In Prison: The Appeal Process in Michigan

Hope - Michigan Appeal Process

Are you facing a prison sentence? Do you have a loved one who has just been forced to accept a plea deal?

After the exhausting and stressful experience of a trial, you may be wondering how you can continue to fight for your rights and your freedom.

The good news is that the legal process doesn’t end if you are in jail or prison. It doesn’t mean that hope is now gone.

Police Mistakes and Your Constitutional Rights

Gavel and American flag depicting Police Mistakes and Your Constitutional Rights

If you have been charged with a crime, it can be easy to fear that you are going to be convicted. Or slapped with the maximum sentence possible.

The actions of law enforcement officers and prosecutors may make it seem like you have no power to combat the charges against you. You may wonder what kind of defense is possible in your case.

Prosecutor Mistakes and Your Freedom

Gavel depicting prosecutor mistakes

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Are you concerned about prosecutor mistakes?

You may be accustomed to hearing about the criminal justice system from predominantly one point of view. This viewpoint may be that:

  • The state or the prosecution is always right,
  • Or that the state or the prosecution always wins,
  • Or that you have no power once you are arrested or charged with a crime.

But, none of these things is true. While the state does wield a lot of power, prosecutors do make mistakes. Mistakes happen up to and including trying to pin a crime on an innocent person.

Juvenile Charged With Assault: Charges, Penalties, and Defense

Hope for juvenile charges

If you are the concerned parent of a juvenile who finds him or herself in trouble with the law, it can be a scary and stressful situation.

What was once considered a normal part of growing up for kids and teenagers is now thought of as a serious crime. Physical altercations, roughhousing, fist fights, even threats or any behavior that could be construed as bullying can result in lasting consequences for your child.