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Illegal Militias and Domestic Terrorism in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

American flag and gavel depicting Illegal Militias and Domestic Terrorism

When you think it can’t get crazier in 2020, there is a plot to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Not only that, but she and her family had to be moved several times as law enforcement surveilled the kidnapping group.

Lethal Force and Self-Defense in Michigan: What You Need to Know

Gavel and law books depicting Lethal Force and Self-Defense in Michigan

Michigan has the “Castle Doctrine” as a possible defense. However, you have reason to be cautious about using a gun for self-defense.

Swatting: A Dangerous Game With Harsh Consequences

Police lights and handcuffs depicting swatting

Have you ever heard the term swatting? It doesn’t sound like a very serious occupation until you learn that it refers to a police SWAT team. Swatting is the dangerous and illegal practice of making a false emergency call to

How Fake News Stories About Police Shootings Are Leading to Riots

Police car lights at night depicting Fake News Stories About Police Shootings Are Leading to Riots.

Fake news stories have been at the forefront of our national discussions for four years now. Both sides of the political aisle have accused the other of promulgating lies in the media and on social media.

Sales Tax Fraud: Crimes, Penalties & Defense

Coins and gavel depicting sales tax fraud

You may have heard it called “cooking the books.” In this post, we will take a close look at sales tax fraud examples, the penalties, and defense.

Aggravated Indecent Exposure in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Law gavel depicting aggravated indecent exposure

We’ve talked before about indecent exposure charges and aggravated indecent exposure charges. If you read our other posts, you know that you could conceivably be charged with IE – which is a misdemeanor – if you were walking around naked

Felony Rioting in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Criminal Defense

Criminal attorney, David J. Kramer - gavel depicting felony rioting

Our country is in turmoil. At least that’s how it looks in some cities, and how it feels to some people, especially those innocent bystanders caught amid violence. In the wake of George Floyd’s death – the Minnesota man who

Resisting Arrest: Legal Consequences & Defense in Michigan

Handcuffs and gavel depicting resisting arrest

Riots broke out in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd in May 2020. Floyd is the man who died after a policeman continued to kneel on his neck during an arrest for several minutes. He repeatedly told the officer

Is Intentionally Spreading COVID-19 a Terrorism Act?

American flag and gavel depciting terrorism

In so many ways, it’s hard to believe the news stories these days are real. At least three people have been arrested, and potentially charged with terrorism, for coughing in public. You know how you should never make a joke

Everything You Want to Know About the Courts in Michigan

Michigan Hall of Justice

Every state has numerous courts. It can be bewildering when you encounter the court system for the first time. To everyone who works in the court system, the information is old news; they give the same directions all the time.