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Arrested for Making a False Police Report: Charges, Penalties, and Defense

Have you ever lost something very valuable? Were you tempted to file a police report saying it was stolen? Is it a crime to submit a false police report?

Receipt of Stolen Property: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Did you know you can be charged with theft even if you didn’t steal something yourself? If you knowingly purchase, obtain or receive any property you know or should know is stolen and you intend to keep it, you are

What to Do If You Are Involved in a Fatal Car Accident

Almost all car accidents are traumatic for those involved. If you live in a northern state like Michigan, you probably have experienced a car accident due to snow and ice in the winter. High speeds and sudden shifts in temperature

Felony Terrorism Threats: Charges, Penalties, & Defense

Have you ever wondered if a private online conversation could get you or a loved one in big trouble? If not, it might be time to consider such a possibility. This is the reality for one Essexville, Michigan 15-year-old who

OWI Charge for Marijuana Use: Penalties & Defense

Are you wondering if marijuana use can affect you while you’re driving? Or if it can result in an OWI charge if you get in an accident? It turns out it can! At least, it can result in criminal charges

Michigan’s Self-Defense Laws: Who Is An Intruder?

The world watched footage from Jeffrey Zeigler’s home surveillance camera that spotlighted Michigan’s self-defense laws. The video shows the incident from April 2018. Brennan Walker – a 14-year-old from Rochester Hills, Michigan – knocked at Zeigler’s door. Then he ran

Juvenile Charged With Assault: Charges, Penalties, and Defense

If you are the concerned parent of a juvenile who finds him or herself in trouble with the law, it can be a scary and stressful situation. What was once considered a normal part of growing up for kids and

Vulnerable Adult Abuse Charges, Penalties, and Defense

Vulnerable adult abuse charges are a serious offense in Michigan. This type of abuse is often talked about and written about as “Elder Abuse.” We often hear about senior citizens being abused or neglected by caretakers.

Charged with Reckless Driving: Michigan Law, Penalties, and Defense

Every time we get a big snowstorm in Michigan, there are appear to be cars the ditches at the side of the road. On the highways, drivers with four-wheel drive commonly don’t slow down at all in snowy conditions or

Exculpatory Evidence: The Truth About The Prosecution’s Case Against You

Did you know that the state is required by law to give your defense attorney any evidence that was collected that points away from your guilt when they have made a case against you? This is called exculpatory evidence or