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Coronavirus Lockdown Resources to Avoid Panic and Tragedy

Coronavirus lockdown resources

You have made your Costco run. You have filled your spare bedroom with toilet paper. Your mobile office is set up, and you are locked into one of many media outlets to get the latest scoop on new coronavirus cases

Taken: Popular Sex Trafficking Myths Debunked

Silhouette of female depicting sex trafficking

Have you seen the movie Taken? It’s a heart-pounding thriller about a beautiful teenaged girl getting kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Her father finds her, then embarks on a quest to track down her kidnappers and exact revenge.  There

University of Michigan Sex Abuse Scandal

Gavel and stethoscope depicting University of Michigan Sex Abuse Scandal Involving Former UM Doctor

If you’ve been following breaking news in Michigan, you might know that the University of Michigan is having its “day in the sun” with a former doctor involved in a sex abuse scandal that took place over many years.

Michigan Adoption Scammer Sentenced to 10 Years

Michigan defense attorney, David J. Kramer

Imagine trying to adopt after losing your baby to stillbirth, only to be told the adoptive baby died right after being born. Does that sound too tragic? It’s what happened to one of the women responsible for catching Tara Lee

The Top 10 Michigan Criminal Lawyer Articles From 2019

Top criminal defense attorney

The David J. Kramer Law Firm, PLLC is here to serve you. We appreciate both the clients we represent and our readers here on this blog. It’s our mission to present you with accurate, timely, and valuable legal information and

Dogfighting in Michigan: What You Need To Know

Dogfighting criminal attorney, David J. Kramer

In December 2019, eleven dogs were rescued from a suspected dogfighting ring on Detroit’s east side. The dogs were being held in two boarded-up houses where a concerned citizen noticed some evidence of this felony and called the police. Along

Uber and Crime: What You Need To Know

Uber on phone

Is taking an Uber safe?

Priest Sex Abuse Cases in Michigan

Gavel depicting priest sex abuse - CSC

It’s hard to miss the news of the priest sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.

Emerging Police Technology: New Ways to Fight Crime

Police technology - drone

We use technology every day. Some of us are excited to get the newest devices from Amazon or Apple each year or every few months. Now you can speak your order into a machine and have something show up at

First-Degree Premeditated Murder Charges & Penalties

First-degree premeditated murder

First-degree premeditated murder is an extremely serious charge that could result in a life sentence in Michigan.