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Swatting: A Dangerous Game With Harsh Consequences

Police lights and handcuffs depicting swatting

Have you ever heard the term swatting? It doesn’t sound like a very serious occupation until you learn that it refers to a police SWAT team. Swatting is the dangerous and illegal practice of making a false emergency call to

Ongoing Riots and Federal Authority: What You Need to Know

American flag and gavel depicting riots and federal authority

As riots drag on for the third month, and new riots break out across the nation, Americans are starting to wonder. What will finally put an end to the violence and anarchy in some of the streets in our nation’s

How Fake News Stories About Police Shootings Are Leading to Riots

Police car lights at night depicting Fake News Stories About Police Shootings Are Leading to Riots.

Fake news stories have been at the forefront of our national discussions for four years now. Both sides of the political aisle have accused the other of promulgating lies in the media and on social media.

Racially Motivated Assault Case in Michigan: What You’ll Want to Know

Law gavel and books depicting racially motivated assault

As the summer of 2020 moves forward, many of us are going about our business and hoping the world will return to normal sometime soon.

Veterans’ Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act: What You Need to Know

U.S. flag and lightening depicting America's memorial statues and monuments are under fire.

America’s memorial statues and monuments are under fire. Looting and rioting broke out in many U.S. cities at the end of May in the wake of George Floyd’s death. Many Americans looked on in shock and fear from their video

Fireworks Safety in Michigan: New State Law and Local Ordinance

Family watching fireworks

  Did you know Michigan’s Fireworks Safety Act of 2011 (Public Act 256) was updated in December of 2018?

Felony Rioting in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Criminal Defense

Criminal attorney, David J. Kramer - gavel depicting felony rioting

Our country is in turmoil. At least that’s how it looks in some cities, and how it feels to some people, especially those innocent bystanders caught amid violence. In the wake of George Floyd’s death – the Minnesota man who

Church During the Pandemic: What Exactly Are Your Constitutional Rights?

US flag, bible, and gavel depicting Church During the Pandemic: What Exactly Are Your Constitutional Rights.

Is attending church during the pandemic a constitutional right?

Governor’s Powers and Your Constitutional Freedoms

Have Michigan residents’ constitutional freedoms been violated? This coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shutdown of society worldwide has to be one of the strangest times in human history.

Controversial Lockdown Defiance Showdown in Michigan

Michigan map and padlock representing Michigan's lockdown

Are you or is a loved one facing charges for reopening a business during Michigan’s lockdown?