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Federal Search Warrants: What You Need To Know

Federal search warrants

How do you know you are under investigation for a federal offense? One way you would know for sure is if federal agents show up at your door or office with a search warrant. At that point, you have no

Federal Conspiracy Charges, Penalties & Defense

Federal conspiracy attorney, David J. Kramer

Are you or is a loved one facing federal conspiracy charges? Not sure where to turn for legal help?

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Michigan: Charges & Key Strategies

Michigan federal criminal defense attorney David J. Kramer

FBI. IRS. DEA. Sometimes these acronyms strike fear in the hearts of American citizens. Imagine the vast power and resources of a United States federal agency coming against you. If you have never been investigated by a federal agency, you

Federal Sex Trafficking Laws: What You Need to Know

American flag and gavel depicting federal sex trafficking criminal attorney

Most of the world will be familiar by now with Jeffrey Epstein. He was the American billionaire who was facing federal sex trafficking charges.

Bid Rigging: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Bid rigging antitrust attorney, David J. Kramer

If you own or manage a company that provides the same services as many other companies, how do you remain competitive? How do you deal with your competitors? At times you may wish or choose to collude with your competitors;

Price Fixing: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Price fixing antitrust defense attorney, David J. Kramer

If you have never heard of price fixing, believe it or not, there’s a movie devoted to this dry, illegal business practice. This movie is called The Informant. It stars Matt Damon as real-life informant Mark Whitacre, who went undercover

Antitrust Violation Attorney: Laws, Charges, Penalties & Defense

Antitrust violation attorney David J. Kramer

Are you being investigated for a federal antitrust violation?

Intellectual Property Theft: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Gavel depicting Intellectual property theft

Have you or has a loved one been charged with intellectual property theft? The concept of intellectual property theft might not be the first crime that comes to your mind when you think of theft. However, with the rise of

Financial Institution Fraud: Charges, Penalties & Defense

More and more people these days can identify with the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize there are several big charges to your credit card you didn’t make. That is when you discover you have

Federal Embezzlement: Charges, Penalties, & Defense

Are you or is someone you love facing federal embezzlement charges? Embezzlement is a unique kind of theft. Not only is it stealing, but it’s also stealing with the added twist of violating a special trust.