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The Difference Between Sedition & Seditious Conspiracy

Gavel and Amercian flag depicting the Difference Between Sedition & Seditious Conspiracy.

Do you know the difference between sedition and seditious conspiracy? Did any of us think there would come a time when we would get used to riots in our country? In the fall of 2020, the riots that broke out

Ongoing Riots and Federal Authority: What You Need to Know

American flag and gavel depicting riots and federal authority

As riots drag on for the third month, and new riots break out across the nation, Americans are starting to wonder. What will finally put an end to the violence and anarchy in some of the streets in our nation’s

What You Want to Know About a Federal Grand Jury

Scale of justice depicting Federal Grand Jury

Have you or has someone you love received a subpoena to appear before a Federal Grand Jury? If so, you want to know all you can about what to expect. You are doing a wise thing, learning about your situation.

Sales Tax Fraud: Crimes, Penalties & Defense

Coins and gavel depicting sales tax fraud

You may have heard it called “cooking the books.” In this post, we will take a close look at sales tax fraud examples, the penalties, and defense.

How to Use Your Defendant Statement in Court

Law gavel depicting defendant statement in court

What is a defendant statement in court?

Federal Sentencing Process: What You Need to Know

American flag, gavel, and federal sentencing attorney, David J. Kramer

The federal sentencing process can be complicated. If you are facing federal criminal charges, it is critical that you have an experienced federal attorney by your side. If all your information about court procedure comes from the movies, you might

Operation Legend in Detroit: What it Means for You

Detroit skyline depicting Operation Legend coming to Detroit.

Have you heard of Operation Legend? COVID-19. Protests. Riots. Escalating gun violence across the country. It’s hard to stay out of the news even if you want to these days. It’s hard for the average person to stay sane when

Federal Sex Crimes: What You Need to Know

American flag, Bible, and gavel depicting federal sex crimes.

Did you know there was a difference between state and federal sex crimes?

Corporate Fraud in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Business man tucking envelope in suit depicting corporate fraud.

Are you or is someone you love being investigated for corporate fraud?

Evidence Against You in a Federal Case: What You Need to Know

Law gavel and U.S, flag depicting evidence against you

Are you or someone you love the subject or target of a federal investigation? What evidence do they have against you? If you find yourself being investigated for a federal crime, it’s unnerving. Most people, innocent or guilty, want to