Top 10 Michigan Criminal Attorney Articles From 2018

Top Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney Articles of 2016

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Here are our top 10 most visited criminal articles in 2018 according to Google Analytics.

1. The Truth About 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Assault

The sexual assault laws in Michigan are outlined in fine detail and broken down into different types of acts.
The language and potential penalties surrounding each degree of sexual assault charges can get confusing. Our goal was to put the definitions of each, as well as critical legal terms, into one article that is easy to understand.

2. Registered Sex Offender: What You Need To Know

You might be surprised by how many different types of offenses could land you on the mandatory registered sex offender list.

For instance, there are several misdemeanor charges which could do the trick. The sex offender registry is a severe and life-altering penalty.

Read more here to find out how this law was enacted and how you can avoid mandatory registry.

3. Caught With a Fake ID in Michigan? What You Need To Know

Do you know that possession of a fake ID in Michigan is punished more harshly than ever before?

This is because it’s easier to make or obtain a fake ID. Thus, the state of Michigan is pushing back by making penalties harsher.

If you are caught with a fake ID in the act of doing something illegal – like buying alcohol or drinking and driving – you could be looking at time in jail. Read on to learn more.

4. 5 Michigan Boating Laws You Need To Know

Michigan residents love their lakes and their boats. Check out this handy guide for how to make sure you are legally and safely enjoying the water this summer.

5. Michigan ATV Laws: What You Need To Know

When Michigan residents aren’t boating or skiing, one of the most popular activities is riding All-Terrain Vehicles – or ATVs.

Make sure you know the laws about operating an ATV before you take your new one for a spin.

6. Felony Crimes in Michigan: Sentences and Punishment

The word felony is scary. Most people know this charge carries the potential to change your life forever.
This article acts as a guide to the types of felony charges in Michigan as well as the potential penalties involved in each.

7. Misdemeanors in Michigan: Most Asked Questions

Sometimes people do things without realizing they are considered crimes by the state.

It’s helpful to read this list to find out if you could be charged with a crime, as well as the potential penalties that may accompany it.

8. Marijuana Friendly Cities in Michigan

The laws in Michigan regarding marijuana are changing all the time. This article – from 2016 – lists the “friendliest” cities in the state, although possession is now legal statewide.

However, not every town is a marijuana-friendly city. Many places in the state are ready to crack down on any activity which could be construed as selling marijuana.

Read this article, as well as all of our updates to stay up to date on the latest developments in Michigan’s marijuana laws.

9. Public Breastfeeding and Michigan Law: What You Need to Know

Not only is breastfeeding not considered indecent exposure in the state of Michigan, but public breastfeeding is also a protected right in every place open to the public. This includes buses and churches under the breastfeeding anti-discrimination act.

Continue reading to find out more.

10. Golf Carts Laws in Michigan

More residential areas rely on golf carts to get from place to place – for more than just golf courses. Find out where it’s safe and legal to use a golf cart on the road.


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