What You Need To Know About Angels’ Night in Detroit

What You Need To Know About Angels' Night in Detroit

When does curfew start for Detroit’s residents under the age of 18?

What if your kid has to stay out past curfew?

Detroit has a long history of destructive fires during the nights before Halloween. Last year, I reported that in 1984 the city of Detroit had logged over 800 fires on the night that was then known as Devils’ Night. Ever since then, the city has worked to fight back.

As a curfew for Detroit goes into effect tonight, I wanted to take time to share about what is happening in Detroit as Halloween approaches. This is one of those really amazing moments to be a part of Detroit, Michigan and feel proud of our city.

The Number of Past Fires Have Reduced

According to Mlive.com, last year only 96 fires were reported over the three days prior to Halloween.

The number of fires has been reduced in the last few decades because of the massive amounts of volunteers that comb the streets during the three nights leading up to Halloween. We are talking about thousands of volunteers.


Every year those who love the city of Detroit volunteer their time and efforts to keep the city safe. According to the City of Detroit, there are a few ways to volunteer and lend your helping hand.

  • Neighborhood Patrols: In teams of two or more volunteers are assigned to different neighborhoods, where they patrol from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am. The patrols start tonight and continue through Halloween.
  • Watching Your Neighborhood: Keep a watchful eye in your own neighborhood for the next three nights.
  • Keep the Lights On: Detroit residents are being encouraged to turn on their exterior lights from dawn until dusk.
  • Display your Orange Ribbon: Show your Detroit Pride and wear your orange ribbon.

To sign up to volunteer call the Angels’ Night Volunteer Hotline at 313-224-4415.

Detroit Mayor Recruiting Volunteers

This year, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan started recruiting volunteers to help early. According to the Detroit Free Press, on Saturday October 11th, the mayor was out knocking on doors asking for residents to sign a petition to volunteer for this year’s Angels’ Night.

The mayor was joined by 250 volunteers and by the day’s end, over 800 people pledged to help with this year’s Angels’ Night.

Sgt. Steven Weiske has this to say about the volunteers, “It helps a lot,” and “There’s been a lot less in the last few years, and that’s because of the volunteers.”

Detroit’s Curfew and Ordinance

  • For the next 3 nights, 10/29, 10/30, and 10/31, those under the age of 18 are required to be in their homes by 6:00 pm. Minors who violate the curfew will be issued a ticket and will be held until a parents or guardian picks them up. If your child needs to be out past 6:00 pm, make sure to send them out with proof or attendance or employment. The ticket may be issued to the parent instead.
  • Like last year, a second emergency ordinance has been put into place. It is prohibited to dispense fuel into a portable container from October 27th – October 31st at 11:59 pm. There are exceptions, however. They are only for adults and must be approved by the City Council.

Source: Mayor Duggan Kicks Off Angels’ Night Campaign, Calls for Detroit Residents and Boosters to Join Him on Patrol

If you have any questions about Detroit’s Angels’ Night, please contact the City of Detroit’s Angels’ Night website. If I can be of any legal assistance, please contact my office at your earliest convenience.