Kilpatrick Says He’s Done With Detroit

Kwame Kilpatrick

But is Detroit Done With Him?

The latest on the Kilpatrick Drama

In recent emails that were obtained by The Detroit Free Press under the Freedom of Information Act, Mr. Kwame Kilpatrick made headlines again saying that:

“I am a Texas resident … BUT, I have no intentions of ever residing here again, I’m often thought of as a Detroiter, but I am not. My life, family and residency is in Texas.

The Free Press challenged the man who has once promised that he would never give up on the former mayor’s home town. Detroit. The emails were given to the Free Press by the Michigan Department of Corrections. The department has been keeping an eye on Kilpatrick’s parole status ever since the text message scandal.

He may be through with Detroit, but Detroit is not through with him.

I love Detroit, and it will forever be my hometown. But I’ve truly discovered, through very painful and sometimes self-inflicted circumstances, that my home is where Carlita, Jelani, Jalil and Jonas reside.

This week has marked yet another week of the Kilpatrick corruption trial, except that the trial has been postponed till Monday due to one Bobby Ferguson’s lawyer becoming ill. Bobby Ferguson is the life long friend of the Kilpatrick.

He was cross-examining one the government witnesses this past Monday when he asked the judge for a 5 minute break. During that break, the attorney put his head on the defense table. He was later taken to the hospital.

What do you think? Do you think Detroit is done with their former mayor? Or do you think there is more to the Kilpatrick’s criminal enterprise?