Lions’ Defensive Tackle Due In Court For DUI Case

Are you a fan of the Detroit Lions?

If you have grown up in Detroit, you’ve heard of the great Berry Sanders and the 0-16 record that haunted us in 2008. Every Sunday, I tune in to watch Matthew Stafford lead our team to another win. We Lions’ fans have seen a lot of things over the years, and one of the players getting a DUI is now among them.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Nick Fairley, the Lion’s defensive tackle has entered a not guilty plea. Fairley was pulled over after being clocked in at 100 mph by an Alabama state trooper. In May, for a DUI, Fairley’s arrest was the second arrest in two months.

On Thursday, Fairley was supposed to appear in the Mobile, Alabama County Circuit Court. However, he waived his appearance and entered a not guilty plea. Fairley chose to appeal the sentence that gave him a six-month suspended jail time, $600 fine and one year of probation.

So what does that mean for the Lions’ Defense?

Come February, if a plea deal is not reached, a trial will be set for the 26th. Fairley isn’t due back in court until February 7th for his DUI charge. His lawyer’s defense is to ask the courts to admit Fairley to a diversion program for first-time offenders instead of his current sentence.

Do you think Alabama court will allow for Failey to be on the first-time offender’s diversion program? Do you think that is a fitting punishment for this Detroit Lion?