Ex-Sheriff’s Deputy Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Breathalyzer Test

What makes a 24 year veteran of the sheriff’s office falsify a breathalyzer test?

Today’s story stars an ex-Macomb County Sheriff’s deputy who is from Detroit’s own backyard, Chesterfield Township. This former deputy falsified 5 documents and is now pleading guilty to his crime.

Last week, 46-year-old Joseph Cada pleaded guilty to interfering with a crime report in the 52-1 District Court in Novi, Michigan. This 24-year veteran had worked in the sheriff’s office court services moving prisoners around.

So, how does something like this happen?

Joseph Cada and 28-year-old waitress, Trista Leigh-Ann Caswell, who the Detroit Free Press reports is from a Mt. Clemons strip club, met up at a traffic light. Caswell had been working nearby. This is where it is believed that the two met to scheme how they were going to hide that Caswell had failed her breathalyzer test.

Previously, Caswell had been put on probation for a disorderly person charge and had failed her in-home breathalyzer test.

Here is what the Detroit Free Press reported,

Five fraudulent statements bearing the insignia of the Macomb County Sheriff Department were drafted and signed by Cada. Three of the fraudulent statements listed his badge number on them. The statements declared that Cada administered the court-ordered Breathalyzer tests, and that Caswell ‘blew .000’ on all of them,” the release said.”

Caswell admitted to what they had done in court on May 1st. She said that the documents from November were false. She was sentenced to supervised probation and spent 90 days in jail for violating her probation.

It can be really uncomfortable to see someone that we trust as an authority break the law. According to The Voice, Cada was “suspended without pay in December and fired in March by Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.” Cada is awaiting his sentencing on August 8th.

What do you think Cada will be sentenced to?