Food Fight Lands Man in Jail on Domestic Assault Charge

Domestic Assault ChargeHave you ever dared to throw food at your significant other during an argument?

Did you ever think throwing food could put you in jail?

Do you recall the 2005 movie, Hitch? There is a scene where the leading lady (Eva Mendas) empties a bowl of salad by throwing it at Will Smith (the male lead). This food fight demonstrated how cute throwing food appears to be. Would that movie have a different ending if Will Smith’s character called the police for a domestic violence assault and Eva’s character landed herself in jail?

This happened in Minnesota, according to Troy Hansen reportedly threw a burrito at a woman last week. Mr. Hansen had asked the woman for a cigarette and she declined.

“The court complaint states Hansen asked the woman for a cigarette and got angry when she refused. He then dumped her plate off the bed and threw her cooked burrito, which struck her in the head. The complaint does not state that the victim was burned, but she said she was scared.”

The victim then called the police stating that she was scared. When the police got there the burrito toppings were still in her hair as well as her right shoulder. This was what the police needed to look into Mr. Hansen’s criminal past.

Mr. Hansen was on probation for a DWI conviction from July of 2011. The police gave Mr. Hansen a breath Breathalyzer test. The results of the test were Mr. Hansen having a blood alcohol level of .254. Mr. Hansen was arrested for a domestic violence assault and for violation probation. The police also discovered that Mr. Hansen had a conviction of a third-degree domestic violence charge from June 2009.

This story is not the romantic story like the movie Hitch was, but real life rarely is. When a small argument results in the police being called and you or someone you know is faced with domestic violence charges, remember to stay calm and call a lawyer before talking to the police. Words and statements can be taken out of context and used against you.  A competent and experienced family law attorney can make a difference.