How to Prevent a False Positive Breathalyzer Test

Did you know after having even a few sips of alcohol, you may test positive on a Breathalyzer test?

Are you looking for a way to reduce your chances of a false positive on your next Breathalyzer test?

Believe it or not, but a false positive on a Breathalyzer test is more common than we would hope for. If you are pulled over and given a field soberly test (which is subjective per officer) and the Breathalyzer comes back with a false-positive, you could be facing a very serious DUI/OWI charge.

Officers are supposed to wait 15-20 minutes to administer the Breathalyzer because the residual amount of alcohol in your mouth can give you a higher reading. In other words, you could receive a false-positive on a breathalyzer test if you can have a few sips of alcohol and then are pulled over by an officer. While some of our men in blue do wait 15-20 minutes, sometimes that time is not adhered to.

Breathalyzer Equalizer

According to, the goal of the Breathalyzer Equalizer is to protect the sober drivers from false-positives.

“I thought to myself, is there any way we could prevent some of what I call false positives,” said Preston Haliburton. Haliburton, an attorney, teamed up with former state patrol sergeant Ron Lloyd and plastic surgeon McCoy Moretz to create the powder which is made of carbon-based minerals.“

The Breathalyzer Equalizer is a power that soaks up the alcohol in the mouth immediately, allowing for more accurate test results. The creators say that the Breathalyzer Equalizer will not get a drunk driver out of a DUI.

The Critics

The critics say that this product will protect drunk drivers. Barry Martin, Georgia office of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, told that this product is “unnecessary” and “can lead to dangerous circumstances.” Martin offers trying some bread and water to decrease the alcohol in your mouth and the chance of a false positive. He fears that it may give drunk drivers a sense of security when choose to get behind the wheel.

While a Breathalyzer cannot convict you of a DUI/OWI, it can cost you money and time when charged. It is yet to be seen if Michigan will allow this product. However, whenever faced with a DUI/OWI, contacting a competent lawyer to stand by your side can always benefit you.  Call me.