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Is Intentionally Spreading COVID-19 a Terrorism Act?

American flag and gavel depciting terrorism

In so many ways, it’s hard to believe the news stories these days are real. At least three people have been arrested, and potentially charged with terrorism, for coughing in public. You know how you should never make a joke

Everything You Want to Know About the Courts in Michigan

Michigan Hall of Justice

Every state has numerous courts. It can be bewildering when you encounter the court system for the first time. To everyone who works in the court system, the information is old news; they give the same directions all the time.

How to Beat a Bad Check Charge in Michigan

Have you ever thought there was more money in your bank account then there was? Are you facing a bad check charge? What is a Bad Check?

Charged With a Felony in Michigan – What You Need to Know

Are you feeling overwhelmed after being charged with a felony? Facing a felony charge is an overwhelming experience. It is especially overwhelming if you are not familiar with the legal process, and this is your first charge.

Parental Kidnapping: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Law gavel and parental kidnapping defense lawyer, David J. Kramer

Kidnapping is one of the worst fears for a parent. Most parents understandably try not to think about it. However, for parents in contentious or abusive marriages or relationships, kidnapping is a fear that not many people on the outside

Social Security Fraud: Crimes, Penalties & Defense

Social Security fraud attorney David J. Kramer

Have you gotten calls saying your Social Security number has been suspended because of suspicious activity, and that you have to call to have it reinstated?

Felonious Assault in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Michigan felonious assault attorney, David J. Kramer

Are you or is a loved one facing charges for felonious assault in Michigan?

Stalking in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Man in shadows stalking

Are you or is someone you love being investigated for stalking in Michigan?

Theft and Property Crimes Lawyer in Michigan

Theft and property crimes attorney Michigan

The idea of being called a thief is understandably stressful for most people. No one wants to have to live the rest of their lives with that label. Whether you have a problem that has underlying causes, made a poor

Meth Possession with Intent to Deliver: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Meth Possession with Intent to Deliver criminal attorney

Are you being investigated for meth possession with intent to deliver in Michigan? All drug charges are taken very seriously in the state of Michigan. If you are found in possession of illegal drugs, or prescription drugs for which you