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Cocaine Possession Charges in Michigan: Penalties & Defense

Cocaine Possession

Are you facing charges for cocaine possession in Michigan?

Prescription Drugs Charges in Michigan: Penalties & Defense

Prescription drugs charges michigan attorney

Have you or has a loved one been accused of illegal possession of prescription drugs in Michigan? No post about the opioid crisis and the criminal justice system’s harsh penalties for opioid possession would be complete without talking about prescription

Heroin Possession in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Heroin possession attorney, David J. Kramer

Are you being investigated for heroin possession? Being convicted of heroin possession, an opioid drug, in Michigan is a serious charge. If convicted, you will be facing stiff penalties and jail time.

Ecstasy Possession in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Did you know that taking ecstasy in Michigan is a misdemeanor offense? You could spend up to a year in jail if the drug is found in your system. It can be found through your blood, saliva, hair, sweat, and

Michigan’s Animal Cruelty Laws: What You Need To Know

Gavel and Michigan criminal defense attorney, David J. Kramer

The state of Michigan has strict laws against animal cruelty. If convicted, violators could face stiff fines and jail time depending on the offense.

Trespassing in Michigan: What You Need to Know

Michigan criminal attorney, David J. Kramer

What counts as trespassing in Michigan? How do you know when being on someone else’s land is illegal and will get you into trouble and when it’s okay? How can you safely engage in acts of protest without the fear

Sex Trafficking in Michigan: What You Need to Know

Law gavel depicting sex trafficking in Michigan criminal attorney.

If you live in Southeast Michigan, you may have heard about “Operation Crusade.” Police are cracking down on sex trafficking in Metro Detroit and surrounding communities. According to the Detroit Free Press, more than 30 people were arrested during a

Upskirting Charges, Penalties & Defense

Upskirting is just what it sounds like. According to Michigan law, looking at, taking a photograph of an unclothed person who should have a reasonable expectation of privacy is a crime. Gone are the days when boys putting mirrors on

Misconduct in Office: Charges, Penalties & Aggressive Defense

Law gavel depicting misconduct in office.

Are you being investigated for misconduct in office? As an example, let’s take a look at the case of Michigan Police Chief Shane Bartlett. If all you read is the news report about him facing three felony charges in connection

Vandalism: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Michigan criminal attorney, David J. Kramer

Vandalism is a serious charge and the consequences if convicted are stiff.