Aggravated Indecent Exposure in Michigan: Charges, Penalties & Defense

Law gavel depicting aggravated indecent exposure

We’ve talked before about indecent exposure charges and aggravated indecent exposure charges. If you read our other posts, you know that you could conceivably be charged with IE – which is a misdemeanor – if you were walking around naked in your living room and someone saw you and called the police. Or if you were caught urinating in public.

Aggravated indecent exposure (or AIE) has an added element: the element of sexual gratification.

The underlying concern for any judge or prosecutor you are going to encounter is that it’s a gateway behavior.

Psychologists have identified this type of behavior as one of the early behaviors exhibited by men who went on to commit violent sexual crimes.

Another complicating factor is that a higher proportion of these crimes are charged as aggravated in recent years. So, if you are being accused of an IE crime, it’s more likely you’re facing the more serious charge. In addition, a judge is going to take it more seriously. You could be overcharged and over sentenced.

Good News

The good news is that, if this is the first time something like this has ever happened, you are almost certainly not going to spend a day in jail.

While aggravated indecent exposure is a felony and carries a two-year prison sentence in Michigan, the vast majority of men who have competent counsel will be able to live their lives relatively normally.

The vast majority of people charged with aggravated indecent exposure are men. Additionally, most men who have had to deal with this issue are well-educated citizens of good standing.

Treatment for Possibly More Serious Problems

Everything I have said so far comes with a caveat. Even if you know you don’t have a longstanding problem with this behavior, many judges aren’t going to send you back out into the world without some way of monitoring you.

Often, this takes the form of counseling. As with a drunk driving conviction, your case will go more smoothly if you can show the judge you are taking precautions and won’t repeat your crime.

Getting caught exposing yourself more than once, or after one or more sex crime convictions is a different matter.

Just as with subsequent DUI arrests, subsequent sex crime arrests signal to the court that you aren’t in control of your urges. Once you have repeated an offense, your chances for leniency are over. You will most likely serve prison time.

Important Question

Here’s the question you want to ask yourself now. Was the behavior for which you were arrested indeed an accident, or was it sexually motivated?

Or are there underlying factors needing treatment, such as depression or anxiety?

The shame that comes with this type of arrest is understandably so high that many men go to great lengths to explain their behavior as something other than the obvious.

However, the truth is most men aren’t nascent serial killers. Maybe they dealt with stress or anger in an unproductive way – they just “snapped.” It’s human nature. But it wasn’t an accident, not the way they want to make it seem.

So, if the truthful answer is that your aggravated indecent exposure charge was warranted, you could probably use the help you are being forced to get. Why not take it and make an impression on the judge?

Defense for Aggravated Indecent Exposure in Michigan

Aggravated indecent exposure charges are hard to deal with on a personal level. It can cause great shame. No one wants their life ruined over a momentary indiscretion.

If you are facing charges, it is critical that you have an experienced criminal attorney fighting for your rights. Call my office right away. 

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