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Theft and Property Crimes Lawyer in Michigan

Theft and property crimes attorney Michigan

The idea of being called a thief is understandably stressful for most people. No one wants to have to live the rest of their lives with that label. Whether you have a problem that has underlying causes, made a poor

Small Robbery Turned Felony Over $1.49 McDonald’s Pop

Ever make a huge mistake and have no idea the massive consequences that might come? That is what happened to 18-year-old Cody Morris from Springdale, Arkansas. Morris is facing felony charges for allegedly driving through a McDonald’s drive-through and ordering

How to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Are you aware of the increase in thief during the holiday season? Don’t let the grinches steal your holiday joy this year. In 2015, thieves entered into a Detroit home claiming to be the police. They stormed the house screaming

Assault and Robbery: Two Sergeants Arrested in Detroit Area

Picture this, you are at a gas station filling your car up for gas. You stop in the gas station to pick up some gum. As you come out you see two police officers and you give them a polite