Assault and Robbery: Two Sergeants Arrested in Detroit Area

Picture this, you are at a gas station filling your car up for gas. You stop in the gas station to pick up some gum. As you come out you see two police officers and you give them a polite smile. Suddenly, you find yourself being robbed and assaulted. You turn to ask for help from the policemen you just smiled at. That is when you realize that the people robbing you and assaulting you are the policemen.

This is what allegedly happened at an east-side Citgo gas station on July 21.

Details of the Assault and Robbery Unknown

While the details of the robbery are unknown, what is known is that two police sergeants were arrested. Detroit Police Chief James Craig has promised to discuss the primarily details at a 3 pm press conference today.

What is Known About the Assault and Robbery

What is also known is that two men have come forward saying that they were assaulted and robbed by two police officers at a Citgo gas station on French near I-94.

Here is what the Detroit Free Press reported about the incident,

A source familiar with the investigation said at least two men claimed they were assaulted and robbed by police officers on July 21 at a Citgo gas station on French near I-94. The Detroit Police sergeant is a 20-year veteran. Meanwhile, St. Clair Shores Police Chief Michael Walleman has yet to comment on the investigation.”

Press Conference Reveals More

According to the Detroit News, a “good Samaritan” citizen had taken a photo of the incident. This citizen gave provided the photo to the media which lead to the arrest. The Detroit News reports that Detroit Police Chief James Craig stated,

The two men — one a sergeant and 20-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department; the other holding the same rank in St. Clair Shores — allegedly wore their badges around their necks and drew their department-issued pistols on July 21, when police say they robbed two men at an east-side gas station. One of the victims was assaulted”

Difficult to Swallow

It is always difficult to swallow when someone who is trusted by the community is accused of doing something illegal. It is important to remember that all of the details of this case are unknown. We don’t know everything that happened at the Citgo gas station. What is being reported is that Craig stated that the two allegedly stole money and a cellphone. In addition, one of the victims was allegedly hit with one of the officers’ guns.

What is your prediction on this case? Do you believe that two sergeants assaulted two men and robbed them?