Assault and Battery Charges in Michigan

Assault and Battery Charges in Michigan

Fans at sporting events have been known to get a little rowdy, but when a 41-year-old father stormed the field, verbally and physically assaulted a 16-year-old referee in a Northville Township, Michigan soccer match, that takes it to a whole new level. A level that has involved the police.

At first glance some might see this as an in town debacle, however. this father stepped over a line that has gotten him in trouble with the law. According to The Detroit News, when the referee called a foul on his son, the man ran onto the field, had a verbal altercation with the referee, and then proceeded to shove him and throw a cup at him.

While there was no injury, the game was immediately stopped, and the police were contacted.

The team’s roaster was used to identify the father from West Bloomfield Township. The police were able to contact the man and he turned himself in for an interview.

In the end, he was placed under arrest for a misdemeanor for assault and released on a $500 cash bond. He will not be able to attend any more of his son’s soccer games. The man will be back in court for arraignment on June 15th in the 35th District Court in Plymouth, Michigan.

Assault in Michigan

An altercation that becomes an assault in the State of Michigan is when a person causes physical injury to another person by attempting to strike someone with a hand or object. Even an attempt or intention to treat or hurt another is still considered an assault. Raising a fist or brandishing a weapon would be included. If a person has reasonable cause to feel afraid of possible impending violence, that act is considered an assault.

Assault and Battery in Michigan

Battery in Michigan is when the threat is followed through with action such as hitting someone by punching or with an object. Michigan law defines a difference between these two categories of crimes as assault and assault and battery because the law views “battery” as a more severe case. In the case of batteries, the violence was committed and the treat or attempt to injure ends in contact.

In the case of this soccer dad who stormed the field, he is being charged with assault. While his alleged altercation does fall into the category of battery, there was no real harm done to the teenage referee. It is considered a simple assault case.

Penalty for Assault or Battery

Cases that involve assault or battery that are committed without a dangerous weapon are considered a misdemeanor. A case becomes a felony when an assault committed intended to murder the victim or intends to inflict great bodily harm, or involves rape, robbing, or kidnapping a victim.

Seek Help

For the soccer father, he is looking at up to 93 days in jail, a fine, and possible probation with a misdemeanor charge. While we don’t know what he is personally going through, we can only imagine his remorse and regret over his loss of anger. Many of our clients have often found themselves in a situation like this – where they deeply regret their actions. Our job is to help to our clients to not have to receive any unjust punishments for their actions. If you or someone you know is facing an assault or battery charges, please advise them to contact an experienced defense attorney. Please give my office today.

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