Top Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Articles of 2017

Top Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Articles

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Top Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Articles

1.  The Truth About 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Degree Criminal Sexual Assault

We aimed to provide one place in which to gather clear information on sexual assault laws in Michigan in this article. It contains a breakdown of each degree of sexual assault and their definitions as well as some legal terms you might not be familiar with.

2. Marijuana Friendly Cities in Michigan

We have made it our goal to provide our readers with the latest news regarding Michigan’s changing marijuana laws. As you may know, Michigan has several cities in which steps have been taken to decriminalize the drug. The laws are tricky, and many people have run afoul of the justice system in the process, so stay tuned to this blog to get the latest news.

3. Registered Sex Offender: What You Need To Know

The offenses for which you could be placed on the sex offender registry are surprising to some people. You may assume, wrongly, that a misdemeanor wouldn’t earn you that penalty but you’d be wrong. Read on to learn about the formation of the sex offender registry and how someone could be put on it.

4. 5 Michigan Boating Laws You Need To Know

Boating is one of the most popular pastimes in Michigan. Check out this article for the most notable boating laws to keep in mind when you are about to set sail.

5.  Felony Crimes in Michigan: Sentences and Punishment

If you are facing a felony charge in Michigan it could mean a huge life change and it’s a scary proposition. You may want to know if and what kind of prison time you may face if you are convicted of that felony. This article lists felony crimes for the state of Michigan as well as giving you an answer to the prison time question.

6.  Misdemeanors in Michigan: Most Asked Questions

Not everyone has a good idea of what is actually a crime. Read this list and you may find you’ve committed a misdemeanor in the past and not known it. Find out what to look out for in Michigan and what kind of penalties accompany these common misdemeanors.

7. Golf Carts Laws in Michigan

Is it safe and legal to drive a golf cart on the road? With more and more residential areas using these vehicles for more than golf, find out what the law says and make sure you are complying before heading out.

8. Michigan Fireworks Laws Vs. Noise Ordinances Laws You Need to Know

Michigan fireworks laws have recently changed. If you want to be on the safe side and keep from getting into trouble, this article is a good place to make sure you aren’t breaking the law with your recreational fireworks this summer. It could end up saving you a hefty fine.

9. Michigan ATV Laws You Need to Know

One very popular activity in Michigan is riding all-terrain vehicles or ATVs. If you own one, or want to own one make sure you know the law around these popular hobby vehicles before going out.

10. Kwame Kilpatrick Found Guilty on 24 Counts

It’s surprising that Kwame Kilpatrick’s trial is still of interest to the readers of Detroit. This leader who was once thought to be the future of Detroit is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence. Read here to find an overview of his trial.


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