Kwame Kilpatrick Found Guilty on 24 Counts

Kwame Kilpatrick Found Guilty on 24 Counts

Do you remember when Detroit thought of Kwame Kilpatrick as the future and hope of Detroit?

Have you been following the Kilpatrick Corruption Trial?

Hello and happy Monday. Well it is a happy Monday for you and me, but for the former mayor of Detroit, it isn’t. Here at the David J. Kramer Law Firm, PLLC, like most people in the Detroit metropolitan area, we have been following the Kilpatrick corruption trial and have been reporting on it almost weekly since it started.

Well today was the big day. After 15 days of the jury deliberating, today was the day that the verdict was read. While Kwame was found not-guilty of 3 counts and another 3 were not read, he was found guilty on 24. The Detroit Free Press reported,

The most serious charges, including racketeering and mail fraud, carry maximum 20-year prison sentences. Other crimes in the indictment, such as bribery and extortion, each carry a maximum 10-year prison sentence. The Kilpatricks also faced tax charges, which carry three-year maximum prison sentences.”

This trial has been a 5 month affair. During the affair the government provided the jury with

  • 80 witnesses
  • Bank records
  • Contract agreements
  • Text messages
  • Audio recordings

That wasn’t all that the prosecution provided the jury with.

  • The jury heard all about Kilpatrick’s comfortable lifestyle,
  • Kilpatrick’s nonprofit that they prosecution tired to prove that Kilpatrick used has his own piggy bank,
  • Testimonies of lavish vacations
  • and of course Kwame Kilpatrick’s customs suits

Do you think that Kilpatrick’s lawyers defended him well? Do you think the jury was wrong? What do you think about the verdict?