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New Michigan Marijuana Laws: Penalties & Defense – Part 2

New Michigan marijuana laws

The new Michigan marijuana laws have changed the way marijuana activities are governed. However, some things haven’t changed. It is critical that you have a skilled defense attorney for any case involving a marijuana-related charge in Michigan to avoid serious

New Marijuana Laws in Michigan: Crimes, Penalties & Defense

New Marijuana Laws in Michigan

Recreational marijuana use is legal in Michigan. For some, this day has been a long time coming. Now, with the legal sales of marijuana and marijuana products, people are making money legally in a way they couldn’t before. However, the

Recreational Marijuana Legalized In Michigan: What You Need To Know

The midterm elections of November 2018 were some of the most well-attended midterm elections this country has seen. One report says turnout was at a 50 year high. The political climate may have had much to do with how many

Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: What You Want to Know

If you have been following the news related to medical marijuana in Michigan, and especially dispensaries, you know that most medical marijuana is operating in a legal grey area. It has been tricky for lawmakers, medical dispensaries, and even those

Michigan Marijuana Laws: Newest Changes You Need to Know

This timeline, published on The Oakland Press website, gives a nice overview of where the State of Michigan has been so far in terms of Marijuana legalization.

Legalizing Marijuana in Michigan: Next Strategic Steps

Is legalizing marijuana a reality for Michigan? Now that eight states, including Washington D.C., have legalized recreational marijuana, the Michigan chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws has started to take action for the State of

Medical Marijuana Legislation Changes Coming to Michigan

Pete Trzos, 33, of Keego Harbor, was arrested last year for possession of marijuana. He was attempting to operate what he thought was a legal medical marijuana business. Now, he is unable to use his medical license, is facing felony

Marijuana Friendly Cities in Michigan – 2016

Can police still arrest you for marijuana possession if your city has decriminalized marijuana? Michigan has been picked by the High Times as one of the eight states mostly likely to legalize recreational marijuana. According to the High Times, Michigan

Michigan Court Rules No Marijuana Smoking in Parked Cars

Medical Marijuana Smoking Patients Cannot Medicate Themselves in Parked Cars Do you think medical marijuana patients should be able to medicate themselves in their cars in public places? Share1TweetShareEmail

Medical Marijuana in Michigan: Bill Passed to Further Legalization

In recent years marijuana, otherwise known as cannabis, has begun to make the transition from recreational drug to valid treatment option for such conditions as cancer, chronic pain, seizures and even Alzheimer’s disease.