Accused Murderer Found After Disappearing in 1992

Wanted Poster

How long can an accused murderer be on the run?

How many countries can one man hide in?

After over 20 years of running, Santiago Pedroso, 71, was caught after having gone to an U.S Embassy in the Philippines. Mr. Pedroso has been accused of allegedly murdering his wife’s friend at a Philippines restaurant in 1992.

Since then, neither the FBI nor anyone else has heard anything about him, until he applied for an emergency passport in Manilla, Philippines. Only after a routine background check did they discover the old murder charge.

According to reports by the Huffington Post, Mr. Pedroso’s “estranged” wife had moved in with a friend, Delores Alvarez, then 41-years-old.

His estranged wife had recently moved in with Alvarez when he ran into them at a restaurant on Father’s Day, according to newspaper reports at the time. He allegedly shot Alvarez five times just after she ordered dinner, as his teenage daughter begged him to stop, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported at the time.”

After that Mr. Pedroso left the restaurant and was never heard from again until he filed for his emergency passport in early September. He is now being held in Philadelphia on charges of murder, reckless endangerment, and illegal possession of firearms.

So, what had he been doing for the past 20 years? Mr. Pedroso who is a U.S naturalized citizen from Cuba has been traveling the world. He has been often described by reporters as a “spiritualist” and has been selling religious items.

The FBI followed him to Spain, Guatemala, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. However, now it is believed that Mr. Pedroso stowed away on a cruise ship to the Philippines around 1996. Mr. Pedroso now awaits his trial that is set for October 9th of this year.

So, what do you think? Do you think that Mr. Pedroso actually wanted to get caught when he walked into the U.S. embassy office and applied for his emergency passport?