Will the City of Ferndale Be the Next to Decriminalize Marijuana?

Decriminalize of Marijuana

Do you live in one of the cities that voted to decriminalize marijuana?

Is your city planning to vote on the decriminalization of marijuana this November?

Cities all over Michigan took to the polls last year and voted to decriminalize pot. Cities that voted include Detroit, Flint, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Ypsilanti. With federal law being different from state law and state law being different from city law, almost everything surrounding the decriminalization of marijuana is confusing.

Yesterday, 25-year-old, Andrew Cissell, of Ferndale, Michigan turned in 600 signatures on a petition to decriminalize marijuana to Cherilynn Brown, Ferndale City Hall to City Clerk. Will Ferndale be the next to decriminalize marijuana?

Marijuana Decriminalization Proposal Might Make November’s Ballot

600 signatures are double the number that is needed to get a proposal on the November ballot. Here is what the Detroit Free Press that Tim Beck, chairman of the Safer Michigan Coalition who has spent a decade defending the legalization of marijuana stated,

We have preverified every signature, and our surveys (of voters) show this is going to pass.”

While there were 600 signatures, the Police Chief Tim Collins signature was not on it. He told the Detroit Free Press that the campaign to legalize marijuana was “a waste of time”. Even if the city does pass the proposal, under the state law it still remains illegal. Collins reaffirms this with, “and the law’s the law.”

What Happens When the Signatures are Validated?

According to supporters as reported by the Detroit Free Press,

Once the signatures are validated by city clerks, each of the three city councils then has a choice — either to pass the proposal or let it appear on November ballots for voters to decide.”

If approved, up to 1 ounce of marijuana on private property will be reduced to a civil infraction. That is very different from the current misdemeanor charge that could land someone in jail for a year and a $1000 fine.

So, what do you think? Should marijuana be made legal? Should the police follow the state law or the city’s law?