Black Friday and Top Injuries Experienced

Do you brave the crowds on Black Friday?

Are you wondering what those brave Black Friday shoppers’ face?

There are those who are brave enough to camp outside for hours and who wake up so early in the morning that Starbucks isn’t even open yet. We have all heard the stories of death that surround Black Friday, but did you know that you are more likely to experience an injury as you go for that insanely priced T.V.?

According to Before It’s News, there are the 4 likely injuries that you might give or get on Black Friday.

  1. Injury by Shopping Cart
    On Black Friday, filling your shopping cart may be considered an art form.
  2. Injury by Head Trauma
    While you may be in a hurry, make sure to ask for assistance when reaching for an object placed up high. Those high objects are usually large and if they fall on you, could be painful.
  3. Injury by Slip and Fall
    In Michigan, Black Fridays forecasts are usually rainy or snowy. Make sure you shoes are not wet when you run through those aisles.
  4. Injury by Car Accident
    Parking in any busy parking lot is stressful.  Add the biggest shopping day of the year and you have a maddening situation on you hands.

The last potential injury that you face is battery and assault.

With how difficult the economy has been and so many amazing deals, it is hard not to get excited as you dive for the toy your child has been eyeing all year. Emotions are high and while we all want to be friendly to the stranger next to us, sometimes that can be difficult.

If you face a situation where you are being criminally charged due to an altercation on Black Friday, experienced legal help is critical.

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