Rise in Women Being Arrested for Domestic Violence

Who do you typically think of when you hear that someone has been arrested for a domestic violence assault?

Would you believe a man if he told you he was the victim in a domestic violence situation?

When we hear about domestic violence, we think of the victim always being the woman. However, in a recent article, one police officer reported a rise in female “aggressors”. This rise is not in some far off city either. It is in our own backyard.

Police Chief Dave Faber of the Utica Michigan police told the Shelby-Utica Patch that while the majority of the aggressors remain male:

Female arrests are becoming more prevalent.

According to the Patch:

  • In 2010
    2 out of 26 domestic violence incidents were female aggressors (7%)
  • In 2011
    9 out of the 31 domestic violence incidents were female aggressors (29%)
  • So far in 2012
    8 out of 20 domestic violence have been female aggressors. (40%)

The article in the Patch suggests that alcohol might be the cause, but the truth is we do not know why in Macomb County more females are being arrested. We just know that they are.

One thing is clear, if you are the one taken in during a domestic violence, the first thing you should do is ask for legal representation. Times are tough and with the holidays coming, arguments can spin out of control.

What do you think? Why are more and more women being arrested for domestic violence?

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