I-96 Shooter a Stay-At-Home Dad

Interstate 96

Has the economy got you down?

Have you driven on I-96 this month anxiously?

You are probably wondering what a poor economy and the I-96 shooter have in common. However, the Lansing State Journal reported that the I-96 shooter is a stay-at-home dad and has been financially supported by his wife for 2 years. Raulie Casteel, a 43 year old husband and father, now faces 60 charges for being the I-96 shooter.

The past few years have been tough in Michigan and no one can deny that. Too many people have been out of work. When people are out of work, we have often seen a rise in criminal activity.

Have you been anxious to drive on or around I-96? If you are, you would not have been alone. For well over a month, there have been random shootings on and around this highway. The Lansing State Journal reports 24 shootings in Oakland County in October. Raulie Casteel pled not guilty last week to 60 charges.

The trial may be delayed due to the defense requesting for a psychiatric exam. Casteel’s mother told reporters that she believes her son is mentally ill. The Lansing State Journal had this to say about Casteel’s actions during the arraignment:

Casteel didn’t talk about the charges, and the pleas were entered on his behalf, a typical custom at arraignments. He looked impatient at times over the video feed from jail and glanced at the ceiling.

Casteel is an unemployed geologist who recently moved to Michigan from Kentucky. Though Casteel has had no prior criminal activity, back in June the police received a puzzling call from Casteel himself complaining that planes were flying too low to his house. The police were puzzled because no one else called to reports about low-flying planes.

It can be difficult in cases where there is room to question whether or not someone is mentally ill. How much do you think someone’s mental health plays into how they should be convicted?