How to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

How to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Are you aware of the increase in thief during the holiday season?

Don’t let the grinches steal your holiday joy this year.

In 2015, thieves entered into a Detroit home claiming to be the police. They stormed the house screaming about that this was a police raid. The resident at the time was resting when a pillowcase was put over her head and she was tied up with duck tape.

According to Click on Detroit, the thieves unwrapped and took the Christmas presents, and stole clothes, watches, and shoes from the home.

Police have said that they were able to pull prints from the wrapping paper.

Tips on How to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

The Detroit Sun Times quoted Southfield Deputy Chief Nick Loussia saying,

“Any time there’s a greater number of people, there’s greater opportunities for criminals to break into cars or commit purse snatchings.”

The holiday season is a time of giving, cheer, being with family and friends, and enjoying all the blessings we have. However, there are grinches out there. During this holiday season, make sure to enjoy your festivities and stay safe with the following tips below.

  • In an article published in 2014, the Detroit Free Press wrote to keep all purses, wallets, mobile phones, and purchased presents in the trucks of car. Keeping them out of sight will make it tougher for thieves to scan your car for valuables.
  • If you are shopping with your kids, make sure to plan ahead in case you get separated.
  • Plan to be home or a neighbor there to pick up the packages delivered to your home.
  • Designate a driver. The State of Michigan has a .08 blood alcohol level. For some that could only mean one drink. Stay safe and avoid costly OWI charges by designating a driver.
  • If there isn’t a driver to designate, take a taxi or call Uber to pick you up.
  • Remember that Michigan’s driving under the influence laws include marijuana. Even those with medical marijuana licenses smoking in a parked car in a public place can be changed with possession.
  • When driving to visit family and friends, take your time. Rushing can cause accidents. Take your time, plan ahead, and don’t forget to consider the weather.
  • ABC 7 reminds us to stay safe with fire prevention. This time of year can often mean more fires because of candles and live Christmas trees. Keep candles away from drapes and live trees. Also, live trees need to be watered daily. If they are not, there is a risk of tree drying out and dying. Dry branches are more like to catch on fire.
  • At home, make sure your holiday packages are not visible from the street.
  • Keep your holiday lights on a timer.
  • recommends to only use one extension cord when hanging lights outside.
  • Never post holiday plans on social media platforms.
  • Take time this holiday season to get to know your neighbors. Watching out for your neighbors and having your neighbors watch out for you is a great way to stay safe.

Take Away

Our hope is that this holiday season is full of joy, peace, and good will for you and your family. Lastly, if you have any need for an experience criminal defense attorney this holiday season, give my office a call.

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