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The idea of being called a thief is understandably stressful for most people. No one wants to have to live the rest of their lives with that label.

Whether you have a problem that has underlying causes, made a poor choice in a moment, or were wrongly accused, you need an experienced criminal attorney on your side.

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Property crimes in Michigan run the gamut from home invasion all the way to shoplifting.

However, each kind of theft charge can leave a mark on your reputation, even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Prosecutors often try to pile on more serious charges than the crime warrants.

Overview of Theft and Property Crimes in Michigan

Some of the most severe theft crimes are the ones we think of first: crimes like armed robbery or home invasion.

These types of charges can be common in Michigan, as can more white-collar crimes, like fraud.

Here are some of the most common theft crimes in Michigan:

Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is one of the few crimes in Michigan that are capital offenses. That means that, if you’re convicted, you could spend life in prison. Prosecutors take this crime seriously. It means what it sounds like: someone used a weapon to take property or money from someone else.

Unarmed Robbery

Robbery, in Michigan, means to take something from someone using force or the threat of force. As long as you don’t have something that could reasonably be construed as a weapon, it’s unarmed robbery.

Unarmed robbery is a felony charge, with severe potential penalties.

Home Invasion

Michigan law defines this crime in three separate degrees, but each degree is a felony.

Home invasion is breaking into and entering someone else’s home with the intent to commit another crime inside.


Larceny means to steal something from someone else. Taking things from someone’s house or a building could land you in prison for up to four years. Larceny is a felony.


In Michigan, we call shoplifting retail fraud. The penal code separates retail fraud into degrees:

  • First through third degree, with first being the most serious and third being the least serious.
  • Each degree depends upon the value of the property stolen.

You can be charged with retail fraud even if you only attempted to take something and you were caught.

Automobile Theft Crimes

There are three common automobile theft crimes that occur in Michigan frequently:


Did you know this law was on the books in Michigan? It’s illegal to take someone’s car without permission and drive it, even though you have no intention to take it permanently.

This crime is technically a misdemeanor. However, it gets treated by the court as a felony, as the court can sentence those convicted to up to two years in prison for this offense.

Grand Theft Auto

If you take someone’s car without permission and you did intend to permanently steal it or sell it again, this is known as UDAA in Michigan.

“Unlawfully Driving Away An Automobile” is a felony in Michigan.


The act of stealing a car while the owners are still inside of it is carjacking.

It’s one of the most serious crimes you can commit in the state of Michigan and is punishable by up to life in prison.

Part of a solid defense is that victims of carjacking have a difficult time identifying the carjacker.

White-Collar Property Crime in Michigan

There are as many types of financial fraud as there are people who can come up with a way to illegally get money, but there are a few crimes that have become typical.

Identity Theft

Most people know what identity theft is. The chances are good that you have even been the victim of identity theft in your lifetime.

In Michigan, using someone else’s driver’s license to get money, goods, or services is known as identity theft.

Credit Card Fraud

Taking someone else’s credit card information without their permission is credit card fraud. Additionally, you can be charged with this crime even if you have never used the card.

Receiving Stolen Property

Did you know it’s also a crime to receive, conceal, or buy something that was stolen?

If it can be proved that you knew it was stolen, you could be looking at a felony charge if it was worth over $1,000.

Theft and Property Crimes Lawyer in Michigan

David J. Kramer, Criminal Attorney

David J. Kramer, Criminal Attorney

Michigan law deals with many types of theft and property crimes. You may not know that what you are accused of doing is as serious as it is.

Having an experienced criminal lawyer by your side is critical.

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