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What You Need To Know To Appeal Your Conviction: Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Have you or has someone you love received a guilty verdict in your criminal case? Are you wondering if you can appeal your conviction? So much emphasis is put on the part of the criminal case that comes before the

Abuse of Discretion: What You Need To Know

What if you are serving time for a crime that you did, but you feel your trial went so badly and that the judge misunderstood your situation completely? Is there legal recourse – a place in the law – which

Appellate Court and What You Need to Know

What happens when a decision is made in court that you believe is wrong? While the judicial system is designed to convict those that have broken the law, it does make mistakes. That is why our justice system is also

Kwame Kilpatrick Appeal Denied – Scores Restitution Victory

Are you wondering about the appeals process in Michigan? Detroit’s former ex-mayor was disappointed again when his conviction and sentence upheld last week. Kwame Kilpatrick was once thought to be Detroit’s golden boy having grown up on the west side

What to Do When You Don’t Qualify For a Claim of Appeal

Have you ever heard of application for leave to appeal? Are you aware that there are two types of appeals? Filing an appeal can be a confusing process. There is a lot of paperwork and everything can be denied if

When and Where to File an Appeal in Michigan

Are you planning on filing for an appeal, but do not know where or how to do it? Not sure if it is too late to file your appeal? If you are looking to file an appeal in Michigan, there

What You Need To Know About Filing a Claim of Appeal

Have your parental rights been terminated? Are you looking to have the courts give you a full review? Filing an appeal is not an easy undertaking. However, if you do feel that your sentence or conviction was incorrect, are trying

How to File an Application for Leave of Appeal

Don’t qualify for a claim of appeal? Are you wondering if you can file an appeal even if you don’t qualify for a claim of appeal? For today’s article, I wanted to take some time to detail the process of

Claim of Appeal in Michigan – How to Determine if You Can File

Have your parental rights been terminated? Were you convicted of a crime that you did not do? Over the last few years, I have written articles about the different aspects of filing for an appeal in Michigan. Today, I’m compiling

How to File an Appeal in Michigan – Original Action

Did you know there are three different types of original actions? Do you know where the closest location to file your original action is? Happy Friday! It is a beautiful Friday in the Detroit. If you are wondering about the