4 Divorce Terms You Need to Know When Considering a Divorce

Divorce terms

Are you considering a divorce?

Are you wondering what you need to know if you do get a divorce?

Today, we are continuing our series on divorce in Michigan. It is rare that a divorce is easy and having a little extra knowledge is helpful. I am going to be sharing with you 4 divorce terms. These terms will be helpful to know if you pursue the divorce.

4 Divorce Terms You Need to Know

  1. Annulment
    An annulment is when the court decides that your marriage never legally existed. Annulments are unlikely to be approved for marriages of 2 years or longer. There are many reasons why the court might award you an annulment. Those reasons are listed on the Michigan Legislative Website in section 552.34-55.39.

  2. Michigan is a No Fault State
    You might be thinking how does my car insurance related to my divorce? Well, Michigan is actually considered a no fault state when it comes to divorce. This means that fault doesn’t have to be proven. Instead, you must show that there has been a breakdown in the marriage and that the marriage cannot be fixed. You can read more about this and other requirements for getting a divorce in my article, Michigan Requirements for Getting a Divorce.

  3. Dissolution of Marriage
    This is a legal term for divorce. When the court decides your marriage has legally ended, all of the legal benefits will end with it too. If you would like to know more, please check out the article, Michigan Divorce Basics – Dissolution of Marriage.

  4. Alimony or Spousal Support
    Alimony or spousal support is money that is awarded as a part of the overall property settlement in the divorce. The couple can come to an agreement or the court can help to settle the argument. You can read more about alimony and how it is dispersed in Divorce in Michigan – Alimony and Spousal Support.

Please Take Note

The information provided on this blog is free, however, it is general information and should not be interpreted as legal counsel. We have many different divorce articles for you to look through if you would like. Please remember that every divorce is different because every couple is different. If you have any specific questions related to your personal situation, you are always more than welcome to contact my office.

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