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Divorce in Michigan – ‘Best Interest of the Child’ Factors

Are you currently going through a divorce? Do you and your child’s or children’s other parent disagree about who should have custody? The State of Michigan has put into place 12 factors to help decide what is in the best

Divorce in Michigan – Custody of Minor Children

Do you have children, and are you considering a divorce? Are you wondering what the difference between sole and joint custody is? Today, we are continuing our series on divorce in Michigan. This week, I have started sharing about divorce

Divorce in Michigan with Children – How Will They Be Affected Legally?

Are you going through a divorce in Michigan with children? Are you unsure how divorce will legally affect your children? Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at what happens when someone files for divorce in Michigan. Today,

Divorce in Michigan – Alimony and Spousal Support

Are you going through a divorce? Do you have questions about alimony in Michigan? If you have answered yes to either of the questions above, then this article and series is for you. We have covered many topics related to

Divorce in Michigan – How Property and Debt Are Divided

Are you in the middle of a divorce in Michigan? Are you wondering how your possessions will be divided? Welcome back to our series that we have been posting every Monday for the past few weeks. This Monday series is

Michigan Divorce Basics – Dissolution of Marriage in Michigan

What does dissolution of marriage mean? When facing a divorce, it is normal to wonder how it will affect your life. Divorce is more than an ending to your marriage. It is also dividing your assets and your time with

How to Start the Divorce Process in Michigan

What is it like to file for divorce? The question about what it is like to file for divorce is the question on everyone’s mind who has ever considered filing for a divorce in Michigan. It is normal to want

Michigan Requirements For Getting A Divorce

Are you considering getting a divorce? Wondering how to the divorce process started? Marriage can be difficult. No one who has been married will ever argue with that. In some cases, it is just easier to walk away. On this

Alternatives To Divorce In Michigan

Have you come to the conclusion that a divorce is right for you? Are there alternatives to divorce? Going through a divorce is never an easy process and is often surrounded with pain and high emotion. With a broken heart,