What You Need To Know to Win a Custody Battle

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Whether you are filing for a divorce or are looking out for the best interest of your child, the custody of your child is extremely important because your child is extremely important. When parents cannot agree on custody issues, they may find themselves in court.

What is a Custody Case?

Michigan Legal Help provides a great answer to the question of what a custody case is. They report that it is a court case that of will determine the parents’ rights and responsibilities towards their children.

A custody case is not right for everyone. You will want to start by discussing your options with your family law attorney.

Today, I wanted to take some time to share with you some helpful tips you need to know if you are going to win a custody battle.

Please remember that all this information is free and general. If you have any specific questions about the custody of your child, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

What You Need To Know About Winning a Custody Battle

  • Get Prepared
    The first thing to do is to get prepared. Reading this article is a great place to start.

  • Decide what you want
    Do you want custody of your child fulltime? Are you looking to push for an aggressive visitation schedule? Would you like the child to live with you because you live in a better school district? In an article by the Huffington Post about what dads should know before the court room, they report that you should know your goal and push for that goal. That is true not only for dads, but also for moms, grandparents, and guardians.

  • Be Ready to Prove
    If you are seeking sole custody of the child then you will need to prove: that you are the better parent, that the sole custody is in the best interest of the child, and that you can provide care for the child with or without assistance from the other parent.

  • Dress Appropriately
    When coming to court, dress appropriately and bring all the documentation that is required of you.

  • Stay Calm
    Do not “trash talk” the other parent. Try to stay as classy as possible because when this is all over and done with, the other parent is still your child’s parent.

  • Be Encouraged
    If you are the father of the child in a custody battle, know that it is not as rare as it used to be to win custody. This is because the court will look at each parent’s ability to care for the child. You will not be dismissed because you are the father.

  • Primary Goal
    Remember that the primary goal of the courts is usually to provide the child with a stable environment.

  • Know the Affects
    Even though there are two states where marijuana is legal and in Michigan there are cities where marijuana has been decriminalized, marijuana use can affect the custody of your child. For more information on that visit, How Marijuana is Affecting the Custody of Your Child.

  • Best Interest of the Child
    The court is going to be looking to provide the child with a stable environment and answer the question, “what is in best interest of the child?” There are 12 factors that the courts consider. Please visit the following articles to find out what those factors are and what they mean,

Knowing what you will be facing in a custody battle will help to prepare you for the challenge. The best thing you can do is to find a lawyer that understands, is knowledgeable about child custody, and one that will fight for your child along side of you. Please call my office to learn more: