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COVID-19 and Child Custody Arrangements in Michigan

Family cutout and gavel depicting COVID-19 and Child Custody Arrangements in Michigan

We find ourselves in an unprecedented time. Just a short while ago, on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. While it originated in China, the virus has spread quickly throughout the globe. As of

What You Need To Know to Win a Custody Battle

Whether you are filing for a divorce or are looking out for the best interest of your child, the custody of your child is extremely important because your child is extremely important. When parents cannot agree on custody issues, they

12 Terms You Want to Know When Battling For the Custody of Your Child

Would you like to be well informed as you battle for your child? As parents, our children are often our top priority. Our biggest desire is that they are raised safely, given opportunities, and most importantly, loved. Determining custody of

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Custody Battles

Are you in the midst of a child custody battle? What is the different between physical custody and legal custody? Almost any parent that I have ever talked to says that they would step in front of a speeding car

How to File a Child Custody Case in Michigan

Does paternity need to be established if the parents of the child are not married? What will the custody battle be like? Over the past 2 weeks, I have been publishing articles about filing a child custody case in Michigan.

What is it Like to File a Child Custody Case in Michigan? Part 2

Could the Friend of the Court decide whether or not I get custody? What if both parents reach an agreement? Today, we are looking at part 2 of what it is like to file a child custody case in Michigan.

Child Custody in Michigan – What Will Be Determined in a Custody Battle?

What is the different between legal and physical custody? Can I move my child out of the state? Welcome back to our latest series on child custody in Michigan. This week, I have been sharing all about child custody cases.

How to Establish Paternity When Filing for Custody in Michigan

Do I need to have a DNA test done to prove paternity? What happens when the child’s father isn’t the husband? Today, we are starting a series about filing a custody case in Michigan. Over the next week, I will