Alternatives To Divorce In Michigan

Divorce process in Michigan

Have you come to the conclusion that a divorce is right for you?

Are there alternatives to divorce?

Going through a divorce is never an easy process and is often surrounded with pain and high emotion. With a broken heart, it can be hard to know what to do. You do not have to go through this process alone. The significance of having a legal partner on your side is invaluable.

Today, we are looking at start to this emotional process, but with every new journey there is always a beginning.

By rule, there are 3 paths to that new beginning:

  1. Annulment
    Many of us have heard of this term from the movies or Hollywood like Britney Spears 55 hour marriage to her high school sweetheart in 2004. However, getting an annulment is typically unlikely. There are a few reasons like, if there was what is referred to by Michigan Legislative Website as “voluntary cohabitation of the parties as husband and wife.” Another reason why an annulment might not be approved is because it has to be brought within 2 years. (Section 552.37 and 552.39)
  2. Separate Maintenance
    Separate maintenance, like an annulment, is rare because it is for those who wish to stay married, but to live as divorced. It is filed on the same grounds as a divorce, and if you have children, there will be custody and support established.
  3. Divorce
    Michigan’s coined term “No Fault” comes in here. In Michigan, neither party has to be at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. To file a divorce, one person is asked to testify that the marriage has ended and will not be reconciled.

If you are facing the question of divorce and do not know where to start, you are more than welcome to contact me.