Are Your Text Messages Private?

Are your text messages private?

Have you ever sent a text that no one but the person you were sending it was suppose to read?

Do you think your texts are private?

Texting is relevantly a new form of communication. I was surprised to find out that my friend’s son, who while in school to become a physical therapist and working as a part-time employee for a physical therapist, is only communicated with about his work schedule through texting.

Now, before we blame my friend’s son, this way of communication was initiated by the employer. As the younger generation becomes older it seems like texting becomes more and more a part of life. If you know anyone from a younger generation then you know that usually the best way to communicate with them is through text.

Detroit’s Former Mayor

We have known many who have been brought down by text messages. The former mayor of Detroit is just one of those people when in January of 2008 the story broke that Kilpatrick had lied under oath. The Detroit Free Press broke the news by being able to get a hold of Kilpatrick’s text message records.

A Teacher Texting a 15-Year-Old Student

Today, we look to a story about a former Kent County, Michigan high school teacher who reportedly exchanged thousands of texts with a 15-year-old female student. The text messages were discovered by the girl’s parents after they became concerned. Mlive reported,

A former Byron Center High School teacher, who is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student, allegedly exchanged thousands of texts with the girl and gave her another phone after her own iPhone was taken away by the school, court records show.”

Your Turn

Do you think that our text messages should be kept more private? Or, do you think that text message records are an acceptable form of evidence?