What is Michigan’s Blood Alcohol Level Content?

Will Michigan’s Blood Alcohol Level Content Change?

If you’ve been watching or reading the news for the past few months you’ll have taken note the Michigan’s blood alcohol level content has been up for discussion. For many Michigan residents, this is an important piece of information.

Michigan’s current blood alcohol level content is .08, but it wasn’t that long along when that almost changed.

In April of this year if the state Senate didn’t act, the BAC (blood alcohol level content) would have changed back to .10. However, the state Senate unanimously approved the bill that will keep the BAC at .08. According to the Detroit Free Press,

The move will keep alcohol-related deaths falling, save $50 million in federal highway funding and keep the state in line with the other 49 states in the nation, according to testimony from the State Police during hearings on the bill.”

The Free Press also reported that in 2003 when the state lowered the BAC to .08 there were 340 alcohol related deaths. In 2011, the number had been reduced to 253 alcohol related deaths.

It may have you wondering if a number like .02 could make that big of a difference is it possible they will lower the BAC again?

The answer to that question is yes. The National Transportation Safety Board has now recommends that states reduced what qualifies as drunk driving to .05.

In a different article by the Detroit Free Press,

The risk of a crash at 0.05% is about half as much as at 0.08%, the limit in all states, according to a safety board report released Tuesday.”

It is important to remember that the board can only make recommendations not laws.

Make sure to come back because we here at the David J. Kramer Law Firm, PLLC will be sharing with you all the latest in new bills and laws related to drunk driving.

Do you think that the limit should be reduced to .05?

4 comments on “What is Michigan’s Blood Alcohol Level Content?
  1. Sons of Liberty says:

    I simply can’t stand when a newspaper gives very old facts…..”The Free Press also reported that in 2003..” that was more than ten years ago!…but when something new comes out…its time for change. Lowering the BAC just brings more money to the viciously corrupt. Read the michigan laws on drinking and driving and you will see…that even one sip of anything with alcohol gives you a free LIFETIME record of OWVI. (thanks to the law in oct 31st 2010, strangely days previous to a voting year/session) Surprise!…if two counts of impaired, you are a criminal with a felony (yep also for life)….hello prison time….for having ANYTHING over .00…and they always say car…but this can be golf cart…mower…anything having a motor…

    MADD is out of control and apparently has a foothold on FED FUNDING being granted to the states…a deeper militant evil than previously envisioned…the founding people of this organization(madd) have since been fired and replaced by your favorite phrase these days…corporate tyranny…god help our freedoms being taken using the fake philosophy of “Protection” and “Safety” and “Defense” and ……and…..

  2. Melitta Holcombe says:

    Thankfully I have never been in this kind of trouble. I do know however of a young, responsible, professional woman, who on a date found herself driving home herself. She was randomly stopped, checked, arrested for 0.12 alcohol content and subsequently convicted of DUI. While I understand the reasons for tough laws in this area, it is equally ‘criminal’ to make such convictions permanent without any chance of redemption, not even after 10 years of clean driving. Instead we keep on punishing generally responsible people, with exhorbitant insurance rates, loss of jobs, etc…………….after court fines, layer fees, court fees have been paid.