Swedish Breathalyzer Detects More Than Alcohol Use


Have you ever driven after enjoying some medicinal marijuana?

If you have, you may want to reconsider that choice. Today, we are sharing about a new product developed in Sweden that can actually detect if you have use marijuana, morphine, cocaine, and 9 other controlled substances.

This new breathalyzer is reportedly just as accurate is a blood or urine test according to a study conducted by Olof Beck, of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. The study results state that the device is accurate about 87% of the time. We’ve reported before about how a traditional breathalyzer is not always accurate in How to Prevent a False Positive Breathalyzer Test.

According to Inquisitr.com

The news is good for law enforcement and likely bad for drug offenders. The new breathalyzer test would likely be a boon for police officers in Washington state and Colorado, where voters moved to legalize marijuana during the last election. Washington put in place laws to make driving under the influence of marijuana the same kind of offense as driving under the influence of alcohol.”

There is so much confusion surrounding marijuana these days. Not only in the states that have passed decriminalizing marijuana, but also for states like Michigan that while the state has yet to decriminalize many of cities like Grand Rapids and Flint have.

During this time of confusion, it is critical that if you or someone you know and love is being facing marijuana related or other controlled substance abuse charges to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. That criminal defense attorney may be the only one standing between them and jail.

Michigan does have a law against driving under the influence of drugs, but this breathalyzer would be the only way to test it on the road. Do you think this new breathalyzer will come in Detroit?

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