I-96 Shooter Pleads Not Guilty to Terrorism Charge

Did you drive a different way into work because of the I-96 shootings?

What does it take to be marked a terrorist?

On Friday last week, Raulie Casteel plead not guilty to assault and terrorism charges. Raulie Casteel is a 43-year-old father and husband. His story may not be too different to many of the Detroit and surrounding areas.

In 2010, things started turning dark for Casteel when he lost his job. He was once a geologist living inKentucky. However, since he lost his job, he and his family had to relocate to Michigan and move in with his in-laws. For the last 2 years, Casteel has been financially supported by his wife and his in-laws.

Are these crimes a product of a poor economy? Can over 24 shootings be justified by one man’s need for control? Those are all questions that will be facing Casteel as his moves forward with his trial.

Terrorism Charge

The terrorism charge is based on 21 attacks and if he is convicted the I-96 shooter faces life in prison on those charges alone.  The Detroit Free Press reported:

Casteel is accused of shooting at 24 people, mostly motorists, on Oct. 16-18 and Oct. 27 in Oakland, Livingston, Shiawassee and Ingham counties. One person was struck and injured driving on I-96 near Fowlerville during the shootings. Police have said Casteel fired a gun at oncoming cars while he was driving. Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Joel Maatman investigated the shootings and called the terrorism charge rare.

A Poor Economy

No one would question or argue that the last few years have not been easy. The people of Detroit and the surrounding areas have had to make sacrifices and have been tested.

What do you think? Is this crime a product of a man cracking under pressure or do you think there is something more that wasn’t seen until recently?