Detroit Rings in Highest Homicide Rate in 2 Decades

If New York City’s homicide rate is 5 per 100,000 residents, can you guess what Detroit’s is?

Brace yourself, because the number may shock you. Detroit’s projected rate for homicides per 100,000 residents is 53. That is more that 10x what New York City’s is. As of December 16 of this year, there were already 375 for the year.


This is the highest Detroit’s homicide rate has been since 1994. In 1994, the rate was 54 per 100,000. With the police departments being scaled back due to budgets this couldn’t come at a worse time. So, why is Detroit so high?

Reasons Why Homicide May Be Up

  • The Economy: there is no shock that the decline in the economy would put people on edge. Detroit is on the verge of a financial crisis and the police department’s budget cuts do not make anyone feel secure.
  • Weapon Availability: The Detroit Free Press acknowledges a current hot topic of gun violence and the “endless flow of weapons”.

    “Leaders say illegal guns are a major problem, too. The vast majority of Detroit homicides are the result of gun violence. Detroit has seen large numbers of nonfatal shooting victims, too — 1,121 as of Nov. 14 this year, according to statistics the Free Press obtained through a public records request.”

  • Unemployment, drugs and a lack of opportunities for education are all identified as possible reasons to why the violence is going up.

Whatever the reason may be, Detroit is struggling.  This is not something that can be overlooked or taken lightly.

What would you identify as the reason the homicide is the highest it’s been in 2 decades? If you had the power, how would fix the violence problem? Is the answer in stricter gun laws?

The Free Press reported that not only had the police department’s budgets been cut, but the officers themselves are being asked to work longer shifts. Is now the time to be cutting the police budgets?