What Happened to Kwame Kilpatrick?

Kwame Saga Over

What was Kwame Kilpatrick found guilty of?

Is Detroit’s ex-mayor still in Detroit?

Kwame Kilpatrick is Detroit’s ex-mayor was found guilty on 24 counts including racketeering and mail fraud. He was transferred to a different prison this week.

Kilpatrick had been requesting to be transferred to Texas to be closer to his family. Instead of being transferred to Texas, Kilpatrick has been moved to a medium-security prison in Oklahoma.

Detroit’s Golden Boy to Serve 28 Years in Prison

The man who has started out as Detroit’s golden boy was sentenced to 28 years in prison for public corruption crimes. On January 14, 2014, Kilpatrick said goodbye to the state of Michigan when he was transferred to Oklahoma City while his request to be near his family was being considered.

Kwame Kilpatrick’s Request to Be Near His Family Denied

Kilpatrick did not receive any special treatment and his request was denied. According to the Detroit Free Press,

“Prison officials would not say why Kilpatrick’s request was denied, but noted there are several reasons why such requests are turned down, including overcrowding at the location of their choice or a security issue.”

With 28 years left to serve, Kilpatrick has plenty of time to put in another request to be moved to Texas. However, he will not be able to put in another request for another year.

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The Kwame Kilpatrick trial hit close to home for many Detroiter. Kilpatrick has now officially left the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan, not likely to return.

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